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Loosing 10% Bodyweight – Can This Be Achieved

8/17 14:22:14

The year 2011 is over and made way for 2012. New beginnings and new goals are set, for most people one of those goals are to loose 10% bodyweight, or at least get their. But why only this small amount of bodyweight and not 20 or 30 % of bodyweight. These are some of the points I want to talk about so let’s start.

Most people aims to high to reach their goal so don’t aim to high, it could be that you don’t reach that set target and you fall of this track and loose interest in loosing some pounds. Rather set a goal that’s realistic and reachable like loosing 10% bodyweight. Try not to loose that flame you already have by getting negative on this subject.

Now by loosing 10% bodyweight, what can I get out of this…is their any benefits I can gain out of this. O yes of course there is, there are so many aspects in life that will change in the long run and future. Your blood pressure is one of those main topics, high or low blood pressure usually hits someone starting from the age of 30 and even less. Maybe your occupation is an office job; fitness must play a big roll in ones life actually and especially if you can’t exercise during the day. Loosing 10% bodyweight means that your body will most likely have a less change of being a sugar diabetic in the future.

If you are thinking of going on a diet to achieve loosing 10% bodyweight, choose your diet carefully… rather consult your house doctor and ask for guidance before picking a diet program. Let’s look at some fitness ideas, the most common type of exercise is jogging and if you have knee problems like me, walk every night and try to stay in that routine. Skipping rope is also one of my favorites and helps you reach loosing 10% bodyweight fast.

What kind of nutrition are you consuming everyday. Is it healthy or don’t you mind eating junk food. By choosing the right kind of food everyday and use it in your daily diet can make a big difference in loosing 10% bodyweight faster than you think. One main tip as well is don’t eat because you want to eat or out of boredom you eat everything that comes your way. Woman loves eating ice cream and peanut butter when depressed or heartbroken. That’s a big NO and I hope I am not in trouble for saying this. Rather eat when you are hungry, that’s usually our downfall.

Use this article to motivate yourself if you’re feeling your loosing that goal you set for yourself. In loosing 10% bodyweight you will live a much better life and will feel great about yourself. Don’t let reaching your target slower than you thought makes you negative and give up and rather climb that ladder with full force.

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