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Foods To Avoid To Lose Fat

8/17 14:22:02

You have decided to go on that life altering quest of lowering your body fat percentage.  You have resolved to get enough sleep and go through an effective exercise regiment in an effort to reach your ideal body fat percentage. One question remains though, how should I shape my diet?  You don't have to resort to things like calorie counting or follow the latest Hollywood fad diet.  You can simplify your diet plan by avoiding or eliminating certain food groups and you will reap all the benefits.

Avoid Packaged Food

Most of the time any kind of pre-prepared food comes in attractive packages.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Lovely cartons, cardboard boxes, pretty cans, plastic containers and what other package they choose to ship the food product in. Read carefully at the labels and you will ingredients that you can hardly pronounce (maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, artificial coloring, aspartame, transfats and other fun stuff).  Browse carefully at the nutritional information and you will see shocking amounts of sodium, sugar and trans fats.  All those ingredients while they may taste good (which is a highly debatable) cannot be good for your body.  Those lovely ingredients contribute greatly towards your general state of "un"healthy.  I don't care if the package says its Low Fat, Organic, Low Calorie or whatever lie they put in there. Avoid those pre packaged foods.  Stick with whole foods and you will eat yourself to a trimmer you.

Avoid Grains Rich in  Gluten

The advent of the agricultural revolution gave rise to a food revolution that made modern society possible.  Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that grains (particularly wheat, barley and oats) contains several anti-nutrients like lectin, phytate and gluten.  These anti-nutrients can wreak havoc on your metabolism.  The anti-nutrients present in grain can actually make you fat, introduce inflammatory problems and contribute to digestive problems.  Gluten in particular is actually harmful to a quarter of the population and contributes to celiac disease.  If you want to lean out quickly, avoid grains.

Avoid Legumes

The legume food group includes beans, lentils, peanuts (I bet you did not know its not actually a nut did you), soy bean products (yup did you know its actually not edible unless you do extensive cooking and processing) and chickpeas.  This food group has similar anti-nutrient characteristics with grains.  A small percentage of the population can't actually eat them without experiencing debilitating inflammatory diseases like gout. 

Avoid Dairy

Milk is an awesome source of protein and fat, if you are a baby cow that is.  A small portion of the population can't digest the lactic acid in milk and introduces digestive problems for lactose intolerant people.  Dairy stimulates growth hormone production in the body, unfortunately most of the time that translates to fat being stored in body.

Diet plays a huge part in lowering your body fat percentage.  Coming up with a diet plan that will support your goals of lowering body fat percentage it is actually not very difficult.  You have a plethora of food that is available to you and you don't need to resort to calorie counting.  You only need to avoid pre-packaged food products, grains, legumes and dairy.  Try it and you will slowly find yourself leaning out.

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