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Is Running The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat For You

8/17 14:21:57

Is Running the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat For You

One big reason 80% of us have given up on running is because people begin doing it at too high a speed, which result in the inability to continue long enough to complete the desired amount of total exercise, often this reason cause people to dislike running. There are also cases where participants with orthopedic limitations (whose joints cannot handle the stress of running) avoiding it all together.

Running have many health benefits to an individual; regular running has been found to lower heart diseases by 50%, helps in weight loss by burning more calories and reducing lung and liver cancer by inducing antioxidant activity and Phase II enzymes in the body.

The act of running which is an intense activity will burn more calories, reducing the amount stored as fat and eventually body fat decreases. However, people who do it as their sole exercise forget that running does not boost the metabolism much. Metabolism is the rate of when your body burn calories all day and night (even when you sleep). The higher your metabolism is, the faster your body burn off calories and the easier for you to lose body fat and keep it off.

The truth is, when you are running, your muscle cells first burn sugars or carbohydrates stored as a reserve fuel called glycogen, then after 15 minutes your cells turn to burn fat as their primary power source. And to trim stubborn belly fat, which is usually the last to go, you will need more than that. Keep on reading.

This means that running is a good way to lose total weight, build and tone muscles and improve overall health but it isn’t the best way to burn belly fat; (1) it does not increase metabolism as much and (2) it burn sugars or carbohydrates in the body first before eventually burning fat and (3) it does not get rid of excess body fat; to lose belly fat you need to get rid of body fat first. That is why health experts recommend that instead of running alone, you should combine cardio exercises with some strength training and a healthy diet plan.


Running decreases belly fat but, as most people realise, is not the best approach to do it. The best way to lose belly fat is combining exercise, body strength training and eating a healthy and fat burning diet. Don’t put all your energy into running. It may disappoint you later.

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