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Lose Weight Without Any Effort!

8/17 14:21:46

Many people around the world are looking for ways in which they can lose weight without putting in much effort. The result of this is that many people end up buying so many pills and supplements that do not help burn fat but just burn a hole in their wallets. The supplements industry is worth many billions of dollars and it is because too many people are looking for a quick fix and are not willing to put in the effort to make a lasting change to their bodies. Thankfully though there is one way we can speed up our weight shedding efforts without buying any sort of expensive pills that are designed to make you part with your money. The answer is tweaking your diet for purposes of burning calories while we rest and sleep. How do we do this? We simply replace some of our unhealthy eating habits with raw food!

Now let's take a look at someone who is trying to lose weight and more specifically, someone who is trying to lose fat. This person must create a caloric deficit, which means that this person must use up more calories than he or she consumes. This will prompt the body to dig into its fat stores to get the required energy. Now the problem for some people is that a) they are probably too lazy not do the exercise required on a daily basis to create this deficit or do not have the time to do so or b) they love food so much that they will fall off the wagon sooner or later. This is were raw food comes in!

Now the human body has to use a certain amount of calories a day. The amount of calories being used depends on the amount of lean mass that that person has and it also depends on the amount of physical activity being performed by the person during the day. The bulk of calories that are burned by the average person are burned by processes such as food digestion. That is where eating raw foods helps us though!

The thing with some vegetables is that they actually do not contain any calories that can be used by the human body! That means that energy will be expended trying to break down this food while no energy will be reaped after that. There will be a caloric deficit and this is exactly what someone who is trying to lose weight is trying to create. Now add these calories that we have burned by simply eating raw food to the calories burned throughout the day and in the gym and it will come up to quite a sizable number! And guess what? You will not sabotage yourself by eating too much because you would've already eaten your raw food and you will be satisfied with this.

Now this actually means that if you keep your diet air tight you can actually lose weight without exercising at all! This is not the ideal situation though because what you want to do is shave off about 500 – 1000 calories off your daily caloric expenditure and to do this properly you will have to exercise a tad bit. But now that you have this great method to help you lose weight with basically no effort on your part there maybe only two problems. One where do you start in your raw food adventure and two, what if you get bored with eating raw food? Well variety is key and that is why there are more than 80 raw food recipes that have been endorsed by prominent raw food chefs and within these 80 there are those which are easy to make for newbies to raw food!

Now that you have read this article there is no reason for you to remain unsatisfied with your body. You are responsible for your own success when trying to lose weight and you should take responsibility and take this guilt edged chance to help you lose weight without much effort on your part!

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