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HCG And Wheat Belly Diets - Whats The Difference?

8/17 14:21:44

Many people wonder what the differences are between the HCG and the Wheat Belly diets. If you are looking to lose weight, reducing or eliminating carbohydrates is a sure way to shed pounds. Both the HCG and Wheat Belly diets have restrictions based on no wheat and no carbs. What this article will discuss are the differences between the two diets so that you can understand the different diet methods.

On the surface, both diets appear to be somewhat similar, but there are key differences. But first, here is a list of a few of the similarities:

• Eat healthy foods

• Ensure that you have protein in your diet

• No processed foods

• Eliminate all chips, crackers, snack bars, candies and sweets

• Basically, purchase from the outer walls of the grocery store and avoid anything from the inner isles

• Avoid anything that is in a package, box, carton or bag.

So generally, eat meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Now to get into the details.

The Wheat Belly diet is focused on cutting out all wheat products out of your diet which will help you shed inches off of your waistline. AND they want you to reduce the rice, corn and starches out of your diet. So it really is more than just wheat. It does encourage you to eat dairy products, nuts and healthy oils. You will need to watch out for your dairy products to ensure that there aren’t any added wheat proteins added. You are not restricted as to the types of vegetables or fruits that you can eat, though you should watch out for high sugar fruits.

Needless to say, sweets are out of the question. So Wheat Belly isn’t just focused on wheat.

The HCG diet is more restrictive in foods that you can eat, but the HCG drops help to boost your metabolism and helps to quickly reduce inches (especially the belly). The results are quicker with the HCG diet, due to the drops and the low number of calories that you consume each day. Most HCG programs suggest you limit your calories to 500 or 800 per day.

With the HCG weight loss program, you simply put 10 drops under your tongue morning, noon and evening at least 30 minutes prior to eating. Your diet is restricted to meat, fish, vegetables and apples. Absolutely no nut, oils or dairy as these products interfere with the effect of the drops. You will definitely lose pounds and inches by following their guidelines and menus.

In summary, both HCG and Wheat Belly diets restrict wheat and sugar. They both eliminate carbohydrates of all kinds, so don’t think that all the Wheat Belly diet that you can have rice or potatos. You can’t, the title doesn’t tell the whole store of the diet and you will take longer to see the results. With the HCG diet you will see results quicker, but your foods are more restricted. During the maintenance phase you will be adding in more foods.

Whichever diet you choose to follow, it will be helpful to create a meal plan for the first week so that you are not temped to eat carbs in a moment of weakness. And unfortunately for those with a sweet tooth, sugar is a no-no on any diet.

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