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The Best Way To Trim Down Once And For All

8/17 14:21:21

The Best Way to Trim Down Once And For All

Begin by checking what has worked for you in the past: like giving up desserts for a week, eating an apple or pear every single day.

Another clue you have gavin yourself is that you skip meals. Skipping meals may a truly major your reason for not losing weight. Can you do without skipping meals? This is one for the Do Not side.

Most of your fat burning happens while you are deeply asleep. Eating before sleeping turns on the digestive system and turns off the fat burning system. Not eating after 6:00 gives you a head start at trimming down. Would it work for you? If so, add it to the Do’s.

A good night’s sleep is almost the secret to losing weight. Now exposed, what can you do to insure that in the future you will be sleeping soundly and burning fat? Have you been watching high-action sports or Horror movies? If so, perhaps you could watch the History Channel or read a good book. Here’s a chance to rate a Do and a Do Not.

Already you have begun the process to uncover your own explanation for being a failure at weight loss. You are getting to know more about yourself and finding how your behavior is crashing your chance of success.

Now it is time to get to know what you believe about losing weight and more specifically your beliefs about your inability to lose weight.

The secret to knowing the other side of success in losing weight lies in analyzing what you say to yourself. Catch yourself at your own game (the one that unknowingly stands in your way, despite all your good intentions and all your efforts.) It is the saboteur within that does not believe you can do it.

You’ve programmed yourself to fail by self-talk. You have said,

“I’m too fat.” “ I can never lose weight.” “I’m too old to lose weight.” “Losing weight is too hard.” “It’s in the family, in my genes.” “I’m not good enough.” “Even if I lose weight, he may leave me anyway.” “I will never look good.” “No one will love me anyway.” “What’s the use?”

Write down each phase as you catch yourself talking yourself down, then revise your words so that they express what is not true yet and write it as if it were true now.

“I choose thin” “ I lose weight lovingly” “I’m beginning to feel the weight sliding away” “People appreciate me” “Everyday in everyway I’m looking better and better” “I love being a success” Of course, you recognize the Law of Attraction affirmations, often known as self-talk. Think of others that make you feel good, ones that cancel out the very ones on your Do Not list.

Now is the time: after you have judged the good and bad points of your eating habits; and after you have adjusted them to assure yourself you are on the right path; and after you have started and continued with reinforcing self-talk, you will quickly begin to see the changes in the mirror; and you will notice people giving you approving looks. More self-talk of your own creation will help you bring on the trimmed-down look, the slender-sleek look, the really great look that you truly deserve.

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