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Lose Fat Around My Neck

8/17 14:21:10

Lose Fat Around My Neck

Most people get fat buildup around their bellies or thighs. A rather unlucky few however have to deal with neck fat. It really can be a tricky area to deal with and can lead to lost of headaches. I happened to be one of these people but I managed to lose fat around my neck with the use some critical thinking and some hard work.

As it turns out, there are a lot of exercises for the neck. Neck strength can save your life in grappling sports like judo and wrestling so those are the things I looked into for the best information on the subject. My two favourite exercises are simple "neck curls" and neck bridging.

For the first, simple lay down on bed or some kind of raised platform so that your head and neck and hanging over the edge. Use your neck to move your head up and down against gravity at all different angles. You`ll be surprised by just how heavy your head really is!

Neck bridging is more advanced. You will need a large(preferably soft) floor area for these. Lay on your back and lift up your hips so that the only things touching the ground are your head and feet. Now move your upper body towards your head and use your neck muscles to bring you back to the starting position. You can also do more advanced versions like rolling on your head. Take your time with learning this as your neck is a pretty important piece of anatomy that you don`t want to get injured, don`t you agree.

Right to the sides of your neck are your trapezius dorsi, or traps for short. The traps both hold the neck in place and hold the shoulders up. The most popular exercise for traps are shrugs where you hold a weigh at your waist and use your traps to pull your arms up towards your ears. What I find to be by far the most effective exercise for traps is actually something called the trap pullover. Grab a barbell and hold it at your waist with a rather close grip. Now all you have to do is lift it to nipple or shoulder height. To do this, you will be forced to use your traps so it is great for a beginner to get in the grove of things.

On top of all of this, you should be doing some weight loss specific training and participating in a dietary program. Train hard and you WILL see results!

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