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Best Exercises For Weight Loss

8/17 14:21:01

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

It is a fact that fasting is the quickest method of weight loss. If you reduce your diet to half you will see a significant difference in your weight by end of the second week. But unfortunately, this kind of weight loss is only visible on a weighing machine. While standing in front of mirror you will notice that your figure has not changed significantly. The belly is still protruding and fat is bulging from your thighs.

This can be very depressing as stopping yourself from eating your favorite foods is not any easy thing to do. All this happens because fasting leads to nonspecific weight loss i.e. your muscles will be dissolving as much as your fats are burning. The better way to shape up your body and have a good figure is to go for some physical activities.

Here are top 3 exercises that are considered best for healthy weight reduction:


Running is one of the simplest yet the most effective exercises for weight loss. Running for only 30 minutes a day will help in achieving remarkable weight reduction. The interesting thing is that you do not have to make some major changes in your diet as all the calories you will be taking in the form of your meals will be burnt. The fats from your body will be melted and used as a source of energy. Your muscles will become stronger and your tummy will become flatter.


Swimming is perhaps better than running while discussed in terms of weight reduction and fat loss but unfortunately it is not the simplest thing to do. To use swimming as a way of weight loss first you need to be a really good swimmer and then you will need a good long pool. If you have all these things then you should never go for other methods of weight loss.

Stair climbing

Still a simple but very effective method of quick weight loss. Having a few rounds of stair climbing every day will directly target the fats on your belly and thighs. These are two places where fat tends to accumulate. Another advantage of this method is that you will never get excessively lean. The total muscle mass is increased and body grooms up into a very esthetic shape.

Small changes that you can make to your diet that will help you lose weight

Losing weight does not have to be that intimidating. Making small tweaks to your diet instead of radical changes will get you closer to your weight loss aim. Many fad diets hold the promise of helping you shed kilos in a few days time but the catch with these diets is that they are only effective over a short-term period. Once you are off the diet, the kilos start coming back.

Below are some small modifications that you can add in your dietary schedule and start sending those extra pounds on a one way trip without feeling deprived.

Eat your breakfast

Breakfast is vital because our body needs to be replenished with energy after being in fasting mode for 7 to 8 hours. It has become a common misconception that skipping breakfast will cut back on calories. On the contrary, skipping your first and primary meal slows down your rate of metabolism and switches your body to starving mode where it attempts to retain calories for later energy use and survives by breaking down lean muscle mass. Eating a fruit bowl or oatmeal is the best way to start your day.

Go whole grain

Instead of opting for refined grains, try to integrate more whole grain options in your diet such as pastas, brown rice, oatmeal, bran flakes. Wheat bread or popcorn are loaded with dietary fiber and fill you up faster and keep you feeling satiated and resistant to hunger pangs.

Reduce your portions

A great way to do is to eat from smaller plates. This way you will be less inclined to overeat and your portions will be automatically trimmed and your full plate will block the feeling of deprivation.

Eat more frequent meals

Try to eat smaller proportions more frequently as this keeps your metabolism active and working at an accelerated speed.

Eat low calorie food sources

Fruits and vegetables are low in calorie content while being high in nutritional value. Besides, these are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and roughage content that keep you feeling satisfied; thus, you are less likely to reach for the ice cream bowl or chocolate bar. Dieticians recommend five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables for strengthening your internal health, boosting your immune system and turbo-charging your weight loss quest.

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