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Interval Training For Fitness And Weight Loss

8/17 14:20:43

Weight loss fitness programs that start slowly and gradually build up intensity are often the best place to start for beginners wishing to lose some weight and increase their fitness. With a slow start there is less chance for injuries in these important early stages. An injury from overexertion at this point is bad news for your fitness and weight loss targets.

Avoiding injuries, helps ensure that you can stick to the program for a longer time, thereby increasing chances of losing the weight and keeping it off. The other side of this is with this slow increase of program intensity, you are not as overwhelmed by this new regime and are more likely to stay and complete the course. By completing an entire weight loss program, you increase the likelihood that you will become fit and keep the weight off.

Interval training is an excellent type of graduated exercise program which allows you to slowly increase the intensity of workouts over a period of time. Not just for the beginner, interval training is a most effective form of training to increase overall fitness and promoting weight loss. I personally used it when training to run the London Marathon, slowly increasing the distance that I could run in each training session.

If you begin an interval training program for running: it is very important to start slowly. Running is a high-impact athletic activity; it puts stress on the knees and hips. By using an interval program to train, injury to knees and hips can be avoided. Interval training for running usually begins with alternating periods of walking and jogging, this can take the form of alternating distance covered or time elapsed.

As the program continues, the periods of walking are reduced and the periods of jogging conversely increased. Eventually, you will be able to run for the entire workout, without any walking. Interval training can also be used for bicycling or swimming to increase fitness and encourage weight loss in much the same way.

By constantly challenging your body in this way, interval training ensures that you always workout at the ideal intensity for fast and consistent fitness training and weight loss. Interval training helps prevent overexertion, thereby reducing the chance of injury.

You can increase the amount of exercise by pairing say; running and swimming; at the same time this ensures that you train many different muscle groups. This will increase the effectiveness of the workout routine and ensure success for the fitness and weight loss program.

Finally, in order to further speed your weight loss, try to engage in a variety of exercises. This will help alleviate the inevitable boredom associated with any repetitive workout routine. By cross-training, or simultaneously training in different activities, you will build strength and endurance together with weight loss.

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