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Monthly Program For Healthy Eating Habits

8/17 14:20:41

If you don't know how and where to begin with healthy eating habits, you should think of making yourself a monthly program, that will help you with that. I don't relate that to dieting program, but more to regulated eating order. Beside main courses, I would recommend to include smoothies, raw food meals and a lot of still water in the program.

Be prepared in advance and Save time

Have you ever tried to start with such program, but you didn't know how? It happened the same to me. I still have some problems what to put on the daily menu, but it is easier to know how to do it. I started to create menus in advance, weakly or monthly. It helps to save time, the body is fit and muscles are not so tired during and after workouts.

You will feel great, when you know what to eat, what is healthy and what is not. It is important to know all this especially because you know which ingredients to buy in store. Usually we are working long hours and when we come home, we don't know what to cook and then we usually resort to unhealthy fast food. My advise is to make a plan what to cook. You don't have to spend a lot of time preparing a healthy meal. There are lots of recipes how to prepare quick healthy meals.

Nutrition continuity

It is generally known, that most of our meals contain carbon hydrates (roughly 3/4 of a plate). It is nothing wrong with it untill we consume it in large amounts. That makes us fat, sleepy and can eventually clog our arteries. However, there is also good side of carbs, but that is not the case here. I would like to emphasize the continuity of nutrition. But what does it mean? It refers to planned eating habits (with healthy food) and what is most important is that we consume it at the same time every day. That way, our body can get used to this habit, because it gives us stability.


Well-devised eating strategy relieves you of a burden when you are deciding what to eat at the last moment and it prevents from sudden desire for overeating. To facilitate control over eating, writing a diary is a very useful habit, because it helps you to make changes. Eating habits do not change by night, however you must do it step by step. That way you can prepare your body to get used to changes and improve control over what you truly enter into the body.

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