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Cryolipolysis In Manchester - The Safe Alternative To Liposuction

8/17 14:20:26

Cryolipolysis In Manchester  -  The Safe Alternative to Liposuction

At last, a safe and non-invasive alternative to liposuction has arrived and not before time. For many, liposuction has been a possible solution for removing stubborn pockets of fat from areas of the body such as stomach, thighs, arms and hips. However, liposuction is surgical procedure that is fraught with risks to both your health and even your life. It comes as no surprise that news of a safe alternative to liposuction is music to the ears of thousands of people around the world.

"Last year In the UK alone, 3,500 people suffered from bad Liposuction procedures, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons".

Introducing Cryolipolysis in Manchester

Cryolipolysis was discovered in Russia when it was noticed that children who frequently sucked on popsicles developed dimples in the sides of their cheeks. That simple discovery was taken on board by two Harvard University professors. They developed the concept of actually freezing fat cells in order to destroy them. They pioneered a solution for reducing fat in a localised area of the body non-invasively.

That's right.....no scalpels, no needles or invasive surgery is necessary anymore to achieve improved body contour. Not since Cryolipolysis was discovered anyway. Since then, Cryolipolysi has gained an array of promotional names such as Lipo Freeze and Fat Freezing etc.

After landing in the UK having had unpresidented success out in the USA, this revolutionary yet largely unheard of treatment seems to bee taking the country by storm. Cryolipolysis in Manchester for instance as all the celebrities flocking to clinics as this miraculous treatment hit the headlines. Even Madonna has been reported to have been so impressed with the results of her treatment that she purchased her very own state of the art Lipo Freeze machine.

How Cryolipolysis Works

Cryolipolysis or Lipo Freeze as it is sometimes referred to targets fat cells that are normally resistant to both dieting and exercise. As the localised area is cooled using a cryo head, the fat cells are frozen and this leads to them crystalising, shattering and they go on to die. The body then begins to metabolise these dead fat cells and they are subsequently flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system. This can lead to upto 40% fat loss in the area treated.

This entire natural process occurs non-invasively with no pain being endured and with absolutely no downtime. Importantly, no damage to surrounding tissue is caused as an anti-freeze membrane is applied to the skin for complete protection against any form of cold injury such as mild frostbite.

Clinic and Mobile Service

Due to the fact that this treatment is totally non-surgical, it is posible to have cryolipolysis in Manchester at a clinic location but you can also book a mobile treatment. Whilst some prefer the professional setting of a clinic location, the mobile service is fast becoming the most popular way to undergo treatment. This is largely down to clients benefiting from some major advantages that come with a mobile service. We refer to these significant advantages as the 4 C's which include

1. Comfort - In the comfort of your own home lay on your bed or sofa

2. Confidentiality - The privacy of treatment at home

3. Convenience - Not having to commute into a city centre location to have treatment in a clinic

4. Cost - No fuel cost or paking chages that come with having cryolipolysis in manchester

The Results of Just One Treatment of Cryolipolysis in Manchester

As mentioned earlier, this treatment can reduce fat by up to 40% in the localised area of treatment. This achieved by adhering to a strict aftercare procedure that involves drinking two litres of water everyday in the 12 weeks that follow treatment. This is quite simply to aid the flushing out process of dead fat cells via the lymphatic system. There is a noticeable reduction in fat in the targeted area after just a few short weeks although the full potential of the treatment is not realised until after approximately 12 weeks.

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