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Super Foods List: Try The Super Food Diet For Weight Loss!

8/17 14:20:01

Super Foods List: Try the Super Food Diet for Weight Loss!

Franz loves writing about healthy nutrition, especially when it comes to the benefits of super foods! This is a relatively new buzz word that the experts have coined to relate to certain foods you should be eating every day. And, when it comes to weight loss, I want you to consider Franz's super foods list.

Franz has said it before, and he'll say it again, if you want to lose weight, please don't go on a starvation diet! If you feel that it's so bad that you have to eat to stop eating to lose weight than you might as well take Franz's super foods list and eat only those foods. It won't be any more painful than trying to go without food, even if you don't like the items on the super foods list.

The foods from the super foods list are identified as such because they have multiple benefits for your body. They are not harmful in any way and most of them are loaded with vital nutrients and antioxidants. Having these attributes also means they are strong cancer fighters. They are called super foods because they build up the cellular structure of your body, not wear it down like over processed dead foods. If you are not used to eating the foods on this super foods list then your body will enjoy the additional benefits of a natural cleanse. From this you will get the added benefit of having more energy than you may have had in a while!

So, here are some of Franz's latest favorites from his super foods list. This is certainly not all of them. Franz has mentioned others in past articles, but here are some top ones to include in your weight loss diet.

The first one is almonds. These are such a wonderful food with so many nutritious benefits. Franz loves these above all of the nuts because they have the highest alkalinity in the nut family. What make super foods so beneficial is their high alkaline properties which help the body to be anti-acidic. You have to know that cancer can not survive in a high alkaline body!

Okay, how about nuts and seeds? Absolutely! Mostly all raw nuts are a great super food source. Notice Franz said raw! Do not eat dry roasted nuts. Nuts that are roasted actually contain an ingredient created from the roasting process that you want to avoid. Franz considers it to be toxic! So choose raw nuts as a snack to cut the cravings, and you will increase your weight loss chances. Just remember an ounce or two is all you need, not a whole cup. They are calorie dense and a little is all you need to do the job!

Third on the super foods list is of course green vegetables. Yes, every ones favorite, or they should be. Once you understand how beneficial green vegetables are for you then you will grow to love them! They are loaded with essential vitamins you can't get from other foods. Let's look at it this way. If I told you your youthfulness, your skin and hair quality, and healthy blood depended on them would you eat more green vegetables? Well they do, so eat as much of them as you can get in your diet!

The forth super food you should eat is red and yellow bell peppers. They contain a nutrient called capsicum that is a strong cancer fighter. These peppers are rich in antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients. Have a green vegetable salad and throw lots of raw red and yellow bell peppers on top. Add some extra virgin olive oil for an extra kick of omega-3's.

The last item on the super foods list I'll mention in this article is berries. Your weight loss diet must include berries on a regular basis! Blueberries and strawberries are Franz's favorites! They are loaded in vitamin C and antioxidants. Some have even claimed they have phytochemicals that can modify the 'fat' gene in your body to help you lose weight. Franz is not sure whether that is true or not, but berries still get the ranking of a super food. They make a great breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Here me now, listen to me later, but believe me sometime, you must eat these items from the super foods list: almonds, berries, nuts and seeds, yellow and red bell peppers, green vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil, if you want to energize your body and find the key to permanent weight loss. Except for adding some lean proteins, you can literally live on just these foods! Now isn't this a better plan than trying to starve yourself?

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