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4 Holiday Weight Loss Tips - Dont Let The Holidays Derail Your Progres

8/17 14:19:12

4 Holiday Weight Loss Tips  -  Don\'t Let The Holidays Derail Your Progres

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation and move away from your weight loss plan is the holidays. We all love the holidays. I especially love the family fun, the festivities, the rituals and the food. No one can forget the food. I certainly don't forget the food. I enjoy indulging in all the sundry holiday delicacies from apple pies to ham, hot chocolate and shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce. I honestly can't get enough. My appetite grows ten-fold and only just remembers to curb itself right around the New Year. I am determined to make this year different so I have compiled four actionable weight loss tips or guidelines if you will for making sure that I am not expanding my waistline more than I am shrinking it.

Up the water

Drink more than you typically do, but don't overdo it! Water helps you fill up and not overeat. Drinking water before each meal or keeping a glass of water at the ready during a meal will definitely help cut down how much you ingest. Think about it, if you up the water you will eat less pie as well as all those wonderful sugary staples that come out of the woodwork during the holidays.

Colorful plates make more nutritious plates

The holidays are colorful and sparkly as a rule. Everywhere you go there are explosions of color and cheer. This can extend to your plate and eating as well. Keep it colorful! The more color you have on your plate the more nutrition you likely have on that plate. This is a general rule of thumb and it works. Think color & cheer and your waistline will thank you after the first of the year.

Fill up on fiber

Fiber is very nutritionally dense. Think beans, cabbage & spinach. These vegetable examples are really dense, so they help fill you up quicker. This does not include creamy bean and spinach dips. You can fill up by adding these to your holiday salad appetizer or better yet, offering to bring it to your family’s large gathering. The more fiber you eat the fuller you will be on the good stuff.

Practice mindful eating

During the holidays, it can be very easy to snack mindlessly on anything. Practice mindful eating by trying to keep each bite of food in your mouth for about ten second. This will help keep you from an over indulgence of cookies, sugary beverages and heavy desserts. I know it’s difficult but your greatest ally is your mental fortitude. The holidays are notorious for providing all sorts of excuses to throw nutrition out the window. Do not give yourself an excuse to redo all the work from all the months prior to December just because it’s December. Your waistline will thank you for it.

The holidays are a tough time for weight loss goals. Sometimes it requires some creative thinking on your part so that your success is not derailed.This does not mean change what your family does to enjoy the holidays, it just means you need to have some tricks up your sleeve to make sure that you stay on track with your weight loss plan.

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