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Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

8/17 14:19:02

Is Fast Weight Loss Possible?

Yes fast weight loss is possible but it can be very hard to keep the weight that you lose off. Most people who want to lose weight quickly will go on a detox. Detoxifying your body isn’t a bad idea especially if you have been overdoing the alcohol, fatty foods and sugar but it is not a long term solution to losing weight.

Depending on how overweight you are, you can lose anywhere from a few pounds to a stone or more. But you should never stay on a detox diet long term. Your body needs all of the different food groups in order to preform at optimum levels. If you are intent on doing a full detox you need to pick a time when you are not very busy. Take a few days off work or do it over the weekend. You are very likely to feel nauseous and have headaches as your body eliminates the build up of toxins. Your skin may break out in zits and you are likely to feel very tired.

Even if you have been eating a healthy diet you will have some toxins in your body as they are present in the environment. For example if you regularly drink bottled water, some toxins may have escaped from the plastic container into the liquid. This is particularly true if you have left the bottle in a hot car.

Your liver, kidneys and skin are the major detox organs in the body so you need to support them during the process. Drinking lots of water will help flush your system as will body brushing. Your liver could benefit from taking milk thistle but check with your doctor particularly if you are on any other medications.

So what can you eat while on a detox diet? It is safer to actually follow a specific plan but generally all you are allowed to eat is fruit and vegetables. In the first day or two you may only be allowed to drink water and juices. Then you can mix in some pieces of fruit, vegetables and as the days go by, some grains such as quinoa, brown rice, lentils etc. You will not be allowed white bread, pasta or rice but it is a good idea to ditch these from your diet anyway. Instead of trying to lose weight fast on your own why not join a women only fitness bootcamp. There you can make new friends who share similar goals and find out the ways to lose weight fast and keep those pounds off for good.

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