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Foods That Boost Metabolism - Burn Belly Fat

8/17 14:18:58

Foods That Boost Metabolism  -  Burn Belly Fat

I am going to be writing an article today about foods that boost metabolism. These are what will actually help you burn belly fat, and keep it off forever. I will cover some mistakes that you have probably been making as well.

Common Mistakes Preventing You From Losing Belly Fat

Okay, so first lets talk about why you have more than likely failed at losing weight thus far. There are several common mistakes I want to cover. The chances are, you have made at least one of these mistakes. I'll give a brief explanation of each.

  1. The number 1 most common mistake people tend to make when they are trying to lose weight is they go on so super hyped fad diet. Something like a grapefruit diet, extremely low carb diet, or maybe a super low fat diet.
  2. The number 2 most common mistake is in their workout routine. Many people mistakenly think that if they target there stomach area when exercising this will help them get that flat tummy they want. This is also an inaccurate choice, I will explain later.
  3. The number 3 most common mistake is people choose to use ab roller or ab belt type gadgets. Ill explain how this is hurting you later.

Okay so those are the 3 most common mistakes people make when they are looking to lose weight. Some you can believe, and some you may find your self saying "WHAT??" to.

First off, the fad diet mistake. These types of diets will lower your metabolism and nearly eliminate the fat burning hormones running through your body. This is obviously not good. If you lower your metabolism, then you will obviously start packing on the weight when you come off of the diet and start to eat normal again.

Second we will cover the workout routine aspect. Targeting your abdominal area is good. However, the mistake comes when people tend to spend too much time concentrating on that. For some reason people feel that doing tons upon tons of abdominal exercises will help them burn belly fat and get that six pack they always wanted.

This is not true. What you need to do is concentrate mostly on your large muscle groups. This will increase your metabolism. This will be what helps you lose weight.

Third lets talk about the mistake in using those gadgets that are plastered all over the television. These gadgets will typically not help you lose weight either. I mean they will build up those deeper abdominis muscles, however, as I previously stated, you need to concentrate on boosting your metabolism. Ab targetting workouts do NOT do this. Large muscle group exercises will.

So What Can You Do To Really Lose Weight

Well, dont stop eating. That is the wrong thing. Counting calories is a hassle too. Gadgets are expensive.

Here is what I recommend. Incorperate metabolism boosting foods into your normal diet. Thats all. Below I have listed a few great foods you can start incorperating. Do not however limit yourself to these, do your own research as well to find a wider variety. I have only listed these as a starting point.

Foods That Boost Metabolism


Whole eggs


walnuts, pecans, and almonds

coconut and coconut milk

Let me point out really quick that whole grains will slow down the weight loss process.

Well that is all for today. I hope you enjoyed and hope you learned something.

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