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Desperation Cardio

8/17 14:18:53

Desperation Cardio

Today, I will be going over a workout that I used to put myself through back in high school. The reason why it is called desperation cardio is because I always did it with a sense of desperation. You see, I was preparing for a big boxing match and if my cardio was not up to snuff, it could go very badly for me. As it turned out, my opponent was a much more experienced fighter than me and all my cardio did was allow me to take a beating for a full three rounds. But that is beside the point...

Now, this cardio is not very structured at all. This is because I kept making it up as I went. With that in mind, allow me to present to you a general summary of the kind of training involved in desperation cardio.

First off, I still did my warmup. Just a little light jog for a short while should be plenty.

For the actual real deal cardio, I kicked it off by doing some sprints. I would slow down when I could not push any harder for just long enough to recover for another sprint burst.

Anyone who has done boxing will know of the extreme importance of cardio in the ring. If your cardio gives out, you slow down, you can not hold your hands up anymore, and you start to get dizzy and slow. All of which are a sure recipe for disaster!

With this in mind, I just kept pushing and pushing. Over and over again I would let out a scream and demand another burst of speed out of my legs. This feeling of anxiety and downright fear of the coming match pushed me to limits I never thought that I even had! By the end of it, I was so sore that I could not get out of bed for the rest of the day. That was not it though; I did this everyday for three months. On top of keeping up with my studies and my strength training, you can imagine how much my life sucked!

Anyways, I just wanted to illustrate what the emotion of desperation can do to your training. It just goes to show that our true limitations are mental and all it takes is the right kind of push to reach levels that we never could otherwise. When I finally did that fight, I was absolutely shredded and could go on fighting for days! Sometimes I look back to that fight on facebook to remember what I can accomplish under the right condition. What about you?

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