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Mediterranean Diet Foods - Learn All The Healthy Benefits

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Mediterranean Diet Foods  -  Learn All The Healthy Benefits

Mediterranean diet foods become lately more and more popular. People from all over the world are convinced that the healthy mediterranean diet is the most appropriate for disease prevention and weight loss. In all large cities and small areas new restaurants with mediterranean diet menus are opening. So, since I come from the Mediterranean I can provide you with some more information about it.

Mediterranean diet structure

The mediterranean diet structure is composed by definition from the nutritional habits coming traditionally from Greece, southern Italy and Spain with some touches of influence from the Middle East. It is based on 5 very simple principles:

  • Simple ingredients
  • Olive oil
  • Home cooking
  • Enjoy delicious foods
  • Activity

According to the mediterranean food pyramid as it can be seen in the picture, mediterranean diet meals include highly consumption of unrefined cereals and legumes, lots of fruits and vegetables, milk and yogurt, moderate consumption of poultry and fish, eggs and dairy products and low consumption of red meat. A normal amount of red wine and desserts is also permitted while the main source of fat used is olive oil.

Benefits of using olive oil in cooking

Olive oil is the particular characteristic of the healthy mediterranean diet. It is so widely known because of the very high level of monounsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid) that it contains. Exactly that brings the multiple benefits of using olive oil in cooking. More and more scientific studies over the years prove that it reduces the risk of heart disease, and due to the antioxidants it also reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Moreover it prevents cancer diseases, from which so many people suffer today. The red wine consumption contributes to the olive oil benefits as well, since it contains the so-called flavonoids which have powerful antioxidant properties. The mediterranean diet improves also allergy symptoms, is proper for a healthy pregnancy because of the natural ingredients it uses and reduces the chances of osteoporosis, diabetes and types of dementia.

Mediterranean diet for weight loss plan

Mediterranean diet for weight loss plan can be considered an excellent choice due to its very low fat content. The total fat amount is between 25-35% of the calories received, out of which only the 8% is saturated. And that is the main reason why this diet is qualified to become a lifetime habit. In addition, the mediterranean diet foods plan, allow you to have a healthy digestive system, which is very important when trying to lose weight and of course not gaining it back.

The secret for accomplishing that successfully, is home cooked simple mediterranean diet recipes and a few minutes of exercising every day, like a walk in the park or cleaning the house or a ride with a bike or swimming in a pool. Whatever it is you like that allows moving your body can only be to your benefit.

Another major advantage of the is that a mediterranean foods list constitutes of products that everyone can find in the market and that allows you to keep as close as possible to the traditional mediterranean diet recipes. Of course sometimes adjustments need to be made according to the geographical position to suit the food sources and availability. And that is exactly what the term "new mediterranean diet" describes. But as long as the principal of cooking remains the same there is no problem.

Always remember to use reasonable amounts of olive oil when cooking, use fresh raw ingredients and use spices to create great flavour. It is as simple as that. And that’ s what makes it so great!

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