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Changing Bad Habits!

8/17 14:17:55

We all need to remember that bad habits are really what causes all the weight problems in our lives. So, to change that we need to change our bad habits to good habits. Just think before you act and in most cases you will make the correct choice and weight loss will follow.

First you need to figure out what your bad habits are. Why do you over eat? What are the triggers here and now find a way to get rid of those triggers and bad habits.

Once those triggers are gone determiing a new eating schedule will become a lot easier.

What types of food are you eating during these times of struggle? Usually they are what we call comfort foods. These are usually junk foods and not good for us. They will have low value in nutrition and make you eat way to much.

Fix this by changing those bad foods with foods that have good nutrition and will satisfy the hunger as well as the bad negative side effects of the junk food.

We as humans are very robotic. Think about it. We are creatures of habit. We do things on autopilot every day without even thinking about it. There are both bad and good habits in our actions. The bad habits are causing the problems and we need to eliminate them as soon as possible.

It becomes harder to change these bad habits as we get older. We are so used to doing things a certain way we don't even know we are doing them. Now to change that it is really hard.

Just take a personal inventory and really study your daily habits. You will see what is leading to the problematic eating habits you have. Be honest now.

Make small changes at a time. Tackle one bad habit at a time. Once one is changed more will be affected. Over time this change will get easier. You will find the end result is a better lifestyle and even some weight loss. Eating the right foods will become natural for you.

If this is too big a challenge for you then consider some help from a professional. Someone who know fitness and diet will be only to happy to help you make better life choices. Get rid of the bad and bring in the good.

Physically we tend to be lazy. This is human nature. We all need to "get up and at it", so to speak. We all could use more activity and exercise in our lives and this would be another consideration to make when changing bad habits.

Really it comes down to, how bad do you want it? Make a decision, take action and stick with it.

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