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I Can Lose My Weight As I Want - Seriously!

8/17 14:17:51

I Can Lose My Weight As I Want    -    seriously!

Yes. I know. That sounded like a boss. You will not believe if someone says that. It is just not good to say that thing. You might have never heard something like this before. I can lose my weight as I want? Well, I am afraid to say that it is true. I can just say someone that I can lose my weight if I want. I can just eat as much as I want and I will lose my weight just to look good. It does sound crazy, right? OK, how can I explain it?

I was fat in the beginning, since my childhood. And after I got sick and ill for a few weeks, I had just suddenly lost a lot of weight. Now, I am not saying that I will just make myself sick and lose my weight whenever I want. I lost weight a few weeks later that I didn't even realize it myself. I only know when people are telling me that I have lost a lot of weight. They are just so surprised that it was just happened in front of them.

Well, I felt really great at that time because I knew myself that I just lost a lot of weight. But again, I was becoming fat after a few months that I could not wear my jeans anymore. It was because I suddenly happened to like foods so much. It was like I was always hungry. I was waiting for the eating time.

After a few weeks, I didn't like being fat so much like everybody. I was feeling annoying actually. I could not sit very well. I could not go to toilet comfortably. I could not move comfortably. I could not control my body very well. I could not walk so much anymore. Every time I took a shower, I saw my big fat belly and I wished my big fat belly would just disappear suddenly. And that was where my weight loss journey started. But that journey was so short.

I didn't have any knowledge about how to control my weight gain. I don’t know what makes me fat. I don’t know which foods make me healthy. I didn't know about exercises. I didn't know how much calories I was consuming. I didn't know which foods contain high calorie and which foods contain low calorie. Actually, I didn't even know what calorie is.

Then, I had read a lot of book that explains about weight loss. I had got a lot of knowledge about weight loss. I had studied about calorie. And I had come to know that which foods will not make you fat and which foods will make you fat.

I will make it short. I just simply followed what I just read from the books. It took only about three months and I had lost my weight. My belly fat is gone. And I had got the idea. When I was sick, I didn't eat much. In fact, I didn't eat or drink anything but water. At that time, I lost weight after a few weeks. Why would you still be fat if you are not eating anything? One thing that you can surely say is that you will be definitely losing your weight if you eat a lot less low calorie foods. But at first, I must say that it totally depends on you to be able to do that.

There are many best ways to lose weight. But the main problem comes from you. If you are still eating a lot when you are trying to lose your weight, it will not happen. A lot of people want to lose their weight. But they really cannot manage their hunger. And they say that it is so hard to lose weight.

Next one important fact I had learned so far about weight loss is that only eating low calorie foods is way better than doing exercises. If you are doing exercise everyday and still eating high calorie foods, you will even be getting fat. Yes. Exercises can give you the best benefits for your health. But when you are trying to lose your weight, eating low calorie foods is the best way. Try to learn which foods are high in calorie and avoid them. I know that you might have heard about it before. But you need to believe in it and do it always until you lose weight.

You will not getting fat if you are not consuming calories. It is simple. The problem is that “can you do that?” Can you eat only vegetables which are low calorie foods? Can you stay without eating sweet foods and drinking energy drinks? If you can do that, you are going to lose weight within a few months. If you cannot do that, it is most likely that you will never lose your weight.

If some people can do it, why can’t you?

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