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Foods For Weight Loss

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Foods For Weight Loss

Starts On The Plate

When it comes to wanting to lose weight, nothing can be more important then the foods you choose to put in your body. I believe the foods for weight loss that you choose, are like the base of a home. The best choices early will give you a solid foundation for the goals you are trying to reach. If you start off wrong, it will take you much longer to achieve any goals. Weight loss will seem to be easy when you make the right choices early on. Not just the right choices in your meals though. How much and how often you eat.

Eat More Often

Got you there, didn't I? When I say eat more often, I don't mean stuff your face all day. Instead of the old mentality of eating three meals a day, go new age and eat six. Yes, six meals a day. You want food for weight loss, so go for it an dig in. But wait just one minute now, don't start cramming the food down now. What I mean is, don't eat three large meals a day like the old days. You want to eat that same quantity of food but broken down into six smaller meals. This would be those three meals shrunk into smaller portions and then eat three healthy snacks in between. This will keep your metabolism burning hot all day. I also like to stop eating about two hours before I lay down for bed. This will help keep most of the fat from my last meal from storing in my body while my metabolism slows down during the night.

Carb Wars

Carbohydrates are the energy source for your body, along with fat. Carbs come in different "styles" though. There are fast absorbing (burning) and slow absorbing (burning) carbs that should be consumed at different times in the day or night. Your fast carbs like regular table sugar, white bread or white pasta (there are many more out there), should be consumed when you first wake up to start your day or night. This is because your body fasted (did not consume any nutrients) during the night. You need a fast shot of quick absorbing carbs for you body to use, instead of turning towards whatever muscle you may have. This is a survival mechanism for the body, using muscle (protein) for energy when carbs or fats are not given as the source. The second time would be after any lengthy period of strenuous physical work, either after exercise or a period of time at a physical job. The carbs will act like a bus for any other nutrients to disperse through the body. Your slow absorbing carbs are the carbs that take a longer period of time to digest in the body. Some of these would include grain, wheat and oats. Because they absorb slower, they keep you feeling fuller longer.....which theoretically will cause you to eat less.

Choose Your Protein Wisely

Protein is used in the repairs of your muscles when they are broken down from exercise and/or hard work.Not all proteins are the same. You have better choices then others when it comes to your choices. Protein comes from many things like beans, legumes, nuts, poultry and meat. Even dairy products have protein. Some people do not like meat, but the thing to remember is that as long as you get enough protein for your bodies needs, it doesn't matter where it comes from. With meat and poultry, you need to put a bit more thought into the healthier choices. You have meat which, some of the more commonly known being beef and lamb. Poultry would be you chicken, eggs and fish. I tend to eat mostly poultry and meat once a week to every other week. Meat tends to digest a lot slower then poultry which can make you feel bloated and not receive the protein as fast as you may need.

Tailor It

No one is going to wear there big brothers shirt that is 5 times too big, out to a fancy restaurant. So why do exactly what someone else does? Take some of these pointers and make a self tailored plan of foods, recipes and meals. The foods for weight loss that you choose from this basic information article is up to you. Use it as a stepping stone toward a really good source of great recipes.

Find A Good Recipe And Meal Source And Go Crazy

If you do not know to much about your options of food for weight loss, don't worry. There are many places out there and resources to help you out. The internet will provide you with some good options. It's better if someone else finds a good option for you. Trial and error bring people together. When you find the right choice for you, stick with it and reap the benefits.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional. By following my own trials, errors, advice, opinion/s and what I have learned along the way, you are doing so on your own behalf and of your own free will. You do not hold me liable for any outcome

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