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The Truth About Diet Pills | The Dr Oz Show

8/17 14:17:21

Eating well and exercising are great ways to get healthy, but there's one weight loss strategy that can do more harm than good diet pills. These diet pills are unhealthy for health. These not only give you bad results, but are also a source of promoting more problems among humans. Dieting is getting common these days. Due to the advancement in technology and research and every type of information is going on; there are different information’s that are spreading around. Some of them are correct and some are false. This is the main reason due to which everyone is getting diet conscious and is in need to keep the body fit and smart.

There are certain dieting pills and herbal supplements that have been circulating in the market for weight loss. These work in different manner.

  • Some of these pills and supplements suppress your appetite.
  • Some of these pills and supplements increase your metabolism.
  • And some of them keeping your body from absorbing the fat you eat.

Here we will guide you about the popular pills and supplements so that you can choose and act wisely. You will know this very well that how to play safe.

Some of the Herbal Supplements and pills:

Bitter orange

Bitter orange has been in use for many years in most of the world. Due to its way different and significant properties, it enhances the energy in a body and reduces the appetite as well. The chemical synephrine is the basic ingredient in this, which releases such chemicals to decrease the appetite. Usually this chemical is release in the body when you run away or close to anything naturally. As there are advantages of this, there are certain disadvantages of this supplement as well. If you want that it floats freely in your body, then it could create trouble for you as it may make you the patient of blood pressure or it may increase the blood pressure in such a way that it may causes even stroke. So this herb releases its chemical only, when it is needed.


This can be found in various forms like in the form of pills or in liquid form or even in the form of lollipop. This herb increases the amount of energy in the brain, which in turn satisfies your body that you are full and you are having enough of energy, so you do not have to eat anything. This drug has become famous so much that, most of its users are from the other countries and it spreads like hot dogs in the market. Even the original inventors and the originated country does not use this hoodia herb that much, than the other countries of the world. By the way, this was originated by the Africans.


This is the only product approved by the FDA that influences how fat is absorbed by our bodies. It coats the intestinal system stopping the enzymes that normally digest fat, enabling our bodies to absorb it. If you don't absorb fat, you can't absorb calories.

Buyers Beware:

If you are of the view that everything that has been sold on the pharmacies is safe to use and effective as well then you are far away from the truth. The true standardized company that is FDA (food and drug administration) has worked on it and stated that, there are many supplements that are not good for the health but still those are available in the market. So in short, you cannot suggest that whether the supplement you will buy is correct and effective or not. Will that work? It’s been stated that about 70 types of pills has been available in the market that are not effective at all, in fact those are creating many other issues. Life threatening and serious damages to the humans as well.


Although the FDA has regulated the authority of certain medicines in the market, but still they are not that much satisfied with those Diet pills. The FDA has therefore set up some rules for its regulation like:

These medicines will be allocated after checking the BMI (body mass index).

If the BMI is 27 or more than that, they will beat up this status and will be given those diet pills.

If the intake of these pills increases this may result in some fatal problems.

Disadvantages of medication:

  • Taking too much of the medication or not following your doctors instructions exactly can lead to
  • Increased heart rate ,
  • You might feel palpitation
  • Problem in sleep or less sleep

All of the above mentioned problems may further result in a greater risk of heart attack and stroke.

Dr. Oz's suggestion for weight loss:

Caffeine is a good and healthy way to give an immediate boost to your diet. If you take two cups of black coffee without any sugar, cream or sweetener, then the intake of it a whole day will increase your metabolism. Consult with your doctor before applying it into your routine.

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