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Encouraging Weight Control

8/17 14:17:19

Encouraging Weight Control

How many ways to lose weight are there in the world today? Too many. Losing weight or even maintaining it is one of the most frustrating and controversial subjects for many people today, the world over.

Many people jump in head first to anything that ‘sounds good enough’ without really understanding what they’re signing up for and before you know it the enthusiasm gets a little damp and many people just say 'what the heck - why do I even bother'.

Before I get started I’d just like to point out that my intention is for this article to be of Help to those who are not only trying to lose weight but who are actually feeling low or even depressed due to the type of difficulty that such subjects often carry with them.

Remember that there is always a way and all that’s needed in most cases is simply a re-adjustment of some sort:

Understanding and choosing the best exercise routine for your unique self; we all differ in some way, even twins are not exactly the same - Focus on what’s best for YOU as an individual.

  • Eliminate toxins to rid fat for good. For example; the years of build up from undigested food & pollution eventually deposit Toxins in the bodies ‘fat cells’- so removal of these toxic cells is KEY to losing weight.
  • Learning nutrition and the value of certain foods and supplements; there's little point in paying a professional to take over your life – better instead to hire a professional to inspire & motivate you into discovering your own genius in due course.
  • Learn to do your own Research and enjoy what you learn from it. This has worked well for me and many. To rely on the opinions or the views of others will only give you their views and not your own. I believe that it is better for us to have our own opinions/understanding on any matter, especially when researching health related matters.

Before you get started on your weight-control mission, it will benefit you to see the ‘finished-product’ that you’re working towards achieving and hold this picture of yourself firmly in your mind, the same is true for any goal in life – see it like it’s happened already. This is very important as it will align your Energy with your Intention.

Don't allow 'doubt' to rob you, it only adds difficulty to what you’ve already tasked yourself with - so why undo all of your hard/smart work? It's all too easy to give up on a dream when the pressure's on and the world seems to 'sit on your shoulders'... trust me, I've been there! But the great news is that it's NOT all doom & Gloom - just a good old dose of Character Testing.

Stick to the fight when you're out of ideas, and call on me when you're down & out, I'm here for you - why?.. Because I've been helped before in life many of times by others who had the patience and the 'will' to see someone else in life succeed and I don't know where I'd be without the support that seemed to have found me.

Try to lighten-the-load with some self-confidence; just think of a time when you did something which was motivational or inspiring, you know, something that made You Feel Great about yourself, as this will help you to believe in yourself again and in-turn will align you with higher levels of energy and the all needed Self Esteem.

Observing our diet and nutrition routine is the way forward here. The reality is that we owe ourselves the effort to achieve our goals/desires, so 'no more kidding yourself'. Get serious about your life – Today.

Keep the pace with your Determination - reach, find, Conquer!

Until next time people.

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