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Effective Weight Loss For The First Six Weeks After Pregnancy

8/17 14:17:04

Effective Weight Loss For The First Six Weeks After Pregnancy

After giving birth one of the main concerns of many women is losing the weight they have put on during the pregnancy process. So I have written this article to help you lose weight during the fist six weeks after giving birth.

For the first six weeks after childbirth you should avoid exercise completely. Your body has been put through a huge deal of stress and it now needs some time to recover. This however doesn’t mean that your weight loss journey doesn’t start straight away. You can lose weight and a large percentage of your target weight loss in the first 6 weeks via methods other than exercise. Here are some methods that you can use, when these are used together you can expect some great weight loss results in the first six weeks after childbirth.

Firstly breastfeeding is a great way to start losing the pounds as it uses your fat stores to produce milk, burning 300-400 calories a day. One of the reasons you put weight on during pregnancy is so you have these fat stores for breast feeding. So really breastfeeding is a must for all women who have given birth.

Secondly Nutrition, eating the right foods is fundamental to losing weight effectively. So how should you eat? Eat plenty of foods that are natural, unprocessed and filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals. You should be avoiding anything processed or denatured.

Thirdly keep hydrated, been hydrated is essential in order to lose weight. For every 25kgs that you weigh you need to ensure you are drinking a litre of water per day. Add a pinch of salt to your water bottle and this will reduce toilet breaks.

Every pound of fat contains approximately 3500 calories of energy. So when you’re carrying excess weight you can afford to reduce your calorie intake, however calories is not something you need to worry about too much. It is far more important to get the right foods into your body and avoiding the ones you don’t need.

By following the advice above for the first six weeks, you will enable yourself to lose a large percentage of your total weight loss before even starting your exercise regime.

So if getting to your pre-pregnancy weight as quick as possible is your mission, then breastfeed, eat the kind of foods your body needs and not what you want, reduce your calorie intake, drink plenty of water and get rest i.e. sleep whenever you can.

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