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Weight Loss Wishes: Oh, If Only The Wishin And Wantin Diet Really Worked

8/17 14:16:55

Weight Loss Wishes: Oh, If Only the Wishin\' And Wantin\' Diet Really Worked

Dusty Springfield once sang that you could not get the man of your dreams by wishin' and hopin', etc, but her advice certainly applies to the world of weight loss, diets and fitness goals. In fact, more people are more realistic about dating and relationships than they are about their own bodies and what it might take to change them. Seriously, if there was a way to wish your way thin then there would never be an overweight person ever and birthday cakes would count as diet foods.

There are a lot of people on that diet plan though. It is the least successful "plan" ever and there is no one who is getting thin just by making these announcements. You actually have to put forth the effort into your weight loss in some way or another. If you tell these people any of this facts they will cringe and clench up and stomp out of the room in a huff. Come to think of it, maybe you could help them lose some weight- just come in, remind them they have to exercise and watch them storm out yet again. Do it every hour and then let them thank you later.

A friend of mine announced that she would like to lose weight. It is a typical and all too familiar refrain from her, sadly. Every year she says the same thing and every time there are dozens of suggestions offered to her from friends and family. None of these suggestions will matter at all though because she will not accept a single one of them. If she was alone in this kind of attitude, it would be one thing but that is not the case. Every day, all over the country, there are literally millions of people doing the very same thing- suggesting that they "want" to lose weight but refusing to do anything about it at all.

You can wish for weight loss but if you aren't willing to put in the work, nothing is going to happen for you. Like the Dusty Springfield song, you can't get what you are after if you are up in your room just wishing about things. I can wish to be five foot tall but that is not going to give me that last three inches. My friend can wish to be thin but she is not going to get anywhere until we get her up and off the couch. Still, don't be shocked when you find the "wishin' and wantin' diet" on the bookshelves.

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