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Omega 3 And Weight Loss - Use It And Lose It!

8/17 14:16:41

Omega 3 And Weight Loss  -  Use It And Lose It!

What is an Omega 3 fatty acid? When you put the words fat and acid in the same name it sure does not sound good. Nobody wants to add fat to their diet and they sure don't want acid. That's some of the garbage in soda! So why does everyone say that Omega 3 fatty acids are so good for us, and why are Omega 3 and weight loss associated with each other? Hopefully I can shed some light on the subject for you.

If you research what exactly an Omega 3 fatty acid is you get a lot of chemistry and discussions of how our body coverts omega 3 fats to things like ALA, EPA, and DHA. Omega 3 fatty acids are oils that you can find in plants and fish. They are a polyunsaturated fats which means they are good fat. Yes, there are good fats for your body! And this is one of them. The thing about them is that the body cannot synthesize them so it is essential to ingest them for proper metabolism to take place within the body. As far as the acid part that's just chemistry nomenclature, but they are good for us!

Now when it comes to Omega 3 and weight loss there is a direct correlation between consuming enough of this vital nutrient and not. Studies have been done on obese individuals that involved a group that received an omega 3 supplement and another group that did not. Neither group knew who actually got the Omega 3. All participants ate the same diet for a total of fourteen weeks. The group that actually got the omega 3 nutrients lost a pound or two more than the non Omega 3 group. Now that's not too significant. But when it came to looking at Omega 3 and weight loss, the Omega 3 group lost a greater percentage of body fat than the non Omega 3 group!

Franz wants you to realize that being just ten pounds overweight, or as much as thirty pounds, is the worst thing to be if you want to avoid inflammation in your body. Let's put it this way: if your stomach circumference is more than double your height in inches then you are in trouble! Carring around extra fat is unhealthy on so many levels! It leads to significant changes in your metabolism. And inflammation in the body increases your chances of developing many chronic diseases. And unfortunately heart disease is at the top of the list.

So when Franz talks about Omega 3 and weight loss I do so to help you find another way to help your body shed weight. Yesterday I talked about just getting out and walking for a mere thirty minutes a day five days a week. So now let's add Omega 3's to your diet to help your body's metabolism to shed some excess fat. Yes! Consume Omega 3 and weight loss will be improved! You can either get it from fish or from certain nuts and seeds. Either way, be sure to include this natural nutrient in your eating plan!

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