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Weight Loss Workout Routine

8/17 14:16:34

Weight Loss Workout Routine

Looking for a weight loss workout routine? Try this out:

Monday: Start off with some light jogging. When you feel warmed up set up some objects on the ground and start doing suicides. After ten rounds of suicides, go for a full out sprint untill you burn yourself out. Afterwards, take a five minute break and then start doing squats. After five sets of squats to failure, you can call it a day.

Tuesday: Start off with some burpies. When you feel warmed up, start running for a certian distance than dropping down for twenty pushups, then immediately run back and repeat. Do this for ten back-and-forths then take a two minute break. Your final exercise on tuesday is pushups to failure.

Wednesday: Start off by jumping as high as you can until you feel well warmed up. Today is an abs training day. Do five sets of crunches to failure with a one minute break in between. After a two minute break, do high jumps but this time quickly tuck your knees in, working your abs. Do these until you can not continue then do two more and call it a day.

Thursday: If you managed to make it this far you can give yourself a pat on the back! Thursday is going to require a pull up bar. If you don`t have one, improvise! Start off by doing lazy pullups until you feel warmed up. After no longer than two minutes start doing ten pushups, ten pullups, ten pushups, etc., etc, until you can`t do anymore. Do this two more times then do another two with chin-ups replacing the pullups. Finally, do a pullup and hold yourself in place half way up for a full minute and you`re done!

Friday: If you made it through thursday, you`re one of an elite few! Here`s were it really gets tough! Start off with some light jogging to get warmed up. After a two minute break, start doing four hundred meter sprints with a minute break inbetween. Do this five times. Afterwards, start doing burpies while tucking your knees in on the jumps. Do these five times to the point where your form starts to slip and that is one set. Do five sets with a minute break inbetween. Finish off by bouncing around using your calves. Aim to go as high as you can and when you can no longer attain that height, stop.

Take a well deserved break over the weekend and then do it all over again. This time however, add a little more into the mix. If you can handle this weight loss workout routine, I am sure you will be successful in your weight loss endeavors!

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