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Help Losing Weight Tips

8/17 14:16:23

5 Sure Fire Ways To Fail!!

1. Spoiling yourself with take away food.

Woohhh you just lost some fat, how about giving yourself a treat. You put in a lot of effort so just one won't hurt. It won't hut, will it?

Skinny Excuse: More often than not, we try to justify our decisions to make us feel better. This mind set kind of lets us off the hook, or so we think.

You have to totally and undeniably realise that you have set goals for a reason. To start making excueses this wil blow your goals out of the water.

2. Drink heaps of soft drink and beer. Forget how man calories they have, because you're only having a few, yeah right.

Slim Body Tip: Be ever aware about the foods you put in your mouth and what fluid you put into your body.If you really knew, you would think twice about every drink you consume. The hidden calories would shock you.

Just look at this, in a soda (soft drink), there are over 200 calories in them. Most poeple would drink about 2-3 a day.

Oh NOOOOO. So...every day you would be consuming 600 - 900 calories a day!!

3. Miss Out On Meals: Miss as many as possible this will help you lose weight, and especially miss breakfast.

Slim Body Tip: No matter what you've heard, do not ever miss breakfast.

Bet you didn't know this, that if you skip meals, this can actually slow down your metabolism which in turn can put weight on.

4. Do Not Exercise:

It's not needed and you could get hurt. So....don't do it.

In reality, just laze around, come up with every excuse under the sun, and you will lose weight. NOT!!

Come up with some really lame excuses as well.

Slim Body Tip:Discover some great exercises and learn to really get involved and love them. You can avoid injury by going to a gym and getting an experienced trainer to guide you.

5. Give Up. When it all becomes too hard, to keep foucused and stay on your routine, just quit.

It's so easy to just give up. Ohh, don't forget to be very melodramatic, and get your friends to agree, and then go on an eating binge.

Slim Body Tip: This is what you need to do....remeber this, when it starts to get hard, then you're probably on the right track. Stick to it!!

Keep to it, you're on your way to winning and having that slim firm body you want. Anything is possible for you when you are dedicated and totally focused with an intense determination. Imagine, with just a positive attitude, you will burn fat and more of it.

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