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Frequent Urination Might Be A Symptom Of Diabetes/high Blood Sugar Lever

8/17 14:16:11

Frequent Urination Might Be A Symptom Of Diabetes/high Blood Sugar Lever

In case you urinate frequently we recommend you to consult a doctor immediately because it can be a symptoms of pre stage of diabetes. Generally a person suffering from diabetes passes large amount of urine every day. Sometimes there becomes a frequent urge to urinate at night to empty the bladder. When the sugar in the blood is not converted into energy it gets deposited in the blood and starts appearing in the urine. Glucose/sugar in the urine draws large quantity of water which passes in the form of urine. We advise you to consult with our doctors who are experts in diabetes management, control and prevention.

The team of ayurvedic doctors at Vedas Cure are well experienced and qualified to examine and advice the patients of diabetes. We at Vedas Cure have developed a very unique treatment to control the deadly disease diabetes. The treatment starts with the process of diagnosis. First of all a complete diagnosis process is conducted to ascertain the level of sugar and secretion of insulin from the pancreas to understand the current status of glucose in the body. It involves the modern as well as traditional methodology. Once the diagnosis is conducted then based on the test result the ayurvedic doctors advice the diabetes control and prevention management strategy.

A medication having composition of around 33 anti diabetic herbs is prescribed to the patients to control and balance the level of sugar in the blood. The herbal composition is given both in the form of powder and syrup. The herbal composition are purely natural thus for some patients it may taste a little bitter but to control the sugar level in the blood we recommend and advise to take the herbs in their natural form even if the taste a little bitter. The herbs immediately get dissolved in the blood and balance the sugar level. We recommend to get used to only the natural, herbal and ayurvedic treatment to control diabetes because any other medication might have some side effect on the body.

Vedas Cure has done a detailed research on the diabetes management and control methodology including the dietary precautions and recommendations. A detailed died chart of prepared for the patients. We have also added technology to the support and convenience of the patients which included reminders healthcare services for the medicines to be taken on time by the patients. We can be approached by the patient by any means be it clinical, online or telephonic consultation. Our doctors are always ready to provide you with the best personalized healthcare service.

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