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Why Are Diets So Unsuccessful?

8/17 14:15:52

Why Are Diets So Unsuccessful?

If you are attempting to lose weight, chances are, you are probably very familiar with the term "diet". Although a "diet" refers to a specific way of eating, in our society today it has received a negative connotation.


It is all because people assume that to diet, one must restrict calories and enforce strict rules. This is simply not the case, and one of the main reasons why these such "diets" tend to fail.

These strict rules usually mean that you must cut a certain food group from your diet which is supposedly going to help you lose the weight. The problem begins when you begin to feel the absence of that certain food group. In most cases, diets suggest you cut out your intake of carbohydrates all together. When your body realizes that this nutrient is missing, it begins to send signals to your brain which end up making you crave this type of food.

When you begin to crave these food, you of course try to hold back and not eat - thus ensuring that your mind is completely on that withheld food. And even after telling yourself countless of times that you will not eat that food, you realize that your will power can only last so long. And then you end up opening up your fridge to eat that last piece of cake but by the time you finish it, you just want more. And more. By the time you are actually done eating, you've practically consumed the contents of your fridge and pantry. The reason behind this is because your body is going to try and eat as much as possible because it feels as though it will not have another chance to eat in a while. It takes you longer to feel satisfied. This is why binge eating is so common.

The true meaning of diet, like I've mentioned before, only means one's eating habits. If you wish to get technical, it would not be false if you said that everyone who eats is "dieting". Of course, this is a stretch, but by putting such a stretch on this, it helps showcase why it is so important to not prematurely judge concept before you actually know what it is.

Diets will never help you lose weight until you decide to adopt one and actually make it a lifestyle change. You have to commit to one. That is what will benefit you most in the end. Make a goal and stick to it!

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