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Weight Loss Tips - 9 Easy Weight Loss Tips For Holiday Parties

8/17 14:15:26

Weight Loss Tips - 9 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Holiday Parties

Ya, thin Franz Here! Ya, did you pig out for Thanksgiving? Did you avoid the scale this morning? Not Franz! Ya, I went outside and took a nice five mile walk in the beautiful sunshine. But don’t worry. If you are feeling like you failed in keeping under control yesterday, I am here to get you back on track! You can over indulge once in a while, but the key is to get right back to the routine of proper nutrition and exercise. So, let me share 9 easy weight loss tips that you can use during this holiday season.

This is the time for family and friends to gather around meals, at home and office parties, to celebrate and share time together. Unfortunately, if you are not paying attention things can get ahead of you and a weight gain of five to ten pounds by the end of the year will have you making another New Years Resolution. Studies have shown that holiday weight gain is usually the weight that winds up sticking with you and never fully coming off. The best way to avoid this from happening is to have goals before you attend these functions. Write them down and keep them in your daily planner, on the fridge, or any place they will be seen often. Plan ahead and you will come away from each party feeling good about yourself and how well you did avoiding all the temptations. Not to mention, you will have added to your overall health as opposed to sabotaging it. So let’s get into these easy-to-do weight loss tips!

The First is a simple one: wear clothes that are snug in fit. Sounds goofy but if you over indulge with snug clothing how does that feel? If things start to feel a little to snug than you know that it’s time to put down the fork. Hey, simplistic I know, but this trick works! Secondly, don’t ignore the fact of how much you are eating while gathering around the appetizer table. Too much talking and not enough attention to all the goodies you are putting in your mouth can add up fast. Do you realize the average person has to walk one mile to burn off 100 calories? Keep that in mind as you look at some of those tasty appetizers. Go for the veggies and gab away.

Third, have a snack before heading to the party. If it has been three hours since your last meal, a healthy snack of fruit, vegetables, or protein will curb your appetite. A good low sugar, high fiber snack is berries – they will help you feel fuller. The Fourth of the weight loss tips is to drink lots of water before you go to the party. It will also help you feel fuller, ease you up on the alcohol (a glass of wine is 150 calories – another mile and a half walk to burn), and keep you properly hydrated. Hey, the extra trips to the bathroom will keep you away from the temptations! Check out my article on the benefits of drinking water.

Okay, four down, five to go. Number Five is to be sure to get enough sleep. That is something you should do every night; get eight hours of good rest, especially during the holidays as they can be a very stressful time getting everything done that you have planned. It is during those times you can make poor food choices by choosing quick meals that are low in nutrition and high in bad fats and sugar, especially at parties. The decision to choose sugar for a quick pick-me-up is a bad choice over the healthier one: getting enough sleep! The Sixth is to plan in advance. If you know what is going to be served, and you must have that decadent dessert that you only get around the holidays, have a plan. Have what you want but don’t go crazy by adding all the other items that you only see this time of year. Just have one, or a taste of a few. You’ll feel so much better about yourself in the morning and you will be proud of yourself for the will power you put forth. If you can do it at parties than the rest of the year should be easy.

The Seventh of the weight loss tips is to use a smaller plate. I am sure you have heard this before but it is worth reminding you again. A smaller plate has less room to put things on it. Sure, you can go back, but if you chew your food slowly and allow your brain twenty minutes to realize it has been sent some food, the smaller plate will have kept you from consuming more calories than you need. Number Eight is to limit the alcohol. Plan on one or two drinks, and that’s it! Right there you have hundreds of calories. If you don’t plan ahead on this, one or two drinks can turn to five or six. Holiday office parties are the worst time for the boss to see you sauced! Not to mention alcohol loosens up lips. You don’t want to go to work the next day and catch on to the office conversation of something like “did you hear what Bob said last night?” Worst of all you may not even remember saying it – you get my point.

The Ninth and last of the weight loss tips for holiday parties is to exercise with a buddy. Tell a friend or spouse your intentions, and get them to join you in your plans. This will benefit the both of you and keep you on track through the holidays. If you already have a gym membership, but time gets tight because of all these additional holiday commitments, a buddy will help you keep on track so you don’t ignore the normal routine. Share your plan with your buddy and use social media to motivate each other to finish the year strong. If you really get into all this you may even shed a few pounds over the holidays. Franz usually does as I get even more motivated to not over indulge, hence I watch my meals even closer and eat optimal meals.

Ya, do you want to know what Franz ate yesterday? I had my healthy green drink in the morning which is loaded with green veggies, probiotics, and concentrated nutrients. For my mid morning meal I had an organic three egg omelet loaded with veggies and cooked in a little coconut oil. For a snack mid afternoon I ate some almonds. A little later on I enjoyed an apple with some peanut butter, and for Thanksgiving dinner I had some organic chicken and sautéed Italian squash with some herbal tea and raw honey for dessert. Now Franz is not a young guy, but not an old one either – just in healthy midlife. So this is appropriate for me who works at home and exercises mildly each day. Your requirements may be more, maybe less. To find out what works best for you I like to look beyond dieting and just start eating healthfully. If you do that weight loss will follow.

Okay, that’s my take on things. You don’t have to believe me, but I hope you do as I have been at this for years and have tried all the goofy stuff out there. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. Do your research and try a few of these simple ideas out. They are not harmful and they will help you avoid packing on the pounds this holiday season.

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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