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Change Your Health In 2012: Part Two

8/17 14:14:57

Change Your Health In 2012: Part Two

Here’s part two of ways to change your health in 2012. Yesterday I was talking about some lifestyle changes you can make that are easy to do, and over time will affect your overall health in a positive way. Today let’s continue with a few more suggestions that will have you feeling and looking better in 2012!

First off, yesterday I mentioned creating a small space in your home as a fitness area. This is the place to do some stretching. Stretching is a great way to reduce tension. Before you get your day started try some stretching to get the blood flowing, reduce lower back pain, and improve balance and posture. You should work on your neck, shoulders, legs, lower back, and a full body stretch. You can also do some of these through out the day when the going gets tough!

Keeping a fitness journal and having an exercise buddy is another way to keep committed to your fitness goals. Find someone that is more active than you, and that you know works out, and ask if you can learn from them and have them help keep you on course. If they are any kind of friend they will want to help you out. A fit exercise buddy is better than one that is not. And, if you journal your successes you are more likely to stay on course as having to write something daily keeps you focused.

Don’t forget to have fun! Get out and play with the kids! Play Wii fitness with them. If they are not as active as they should be, do this as a family and just “get out there!” Be a kid, enjoy your family time, and just have a good time. It’s all movement and it burns calories!

Okay, now of course we come to the eating portion of ways to change your health in 2012. I can’t stress this enough. I have written many articles on Street Articles as to what a healthy diet looks like. Please check some of those out and learn how to eat meals for optimal nutrition. It’s actually very easy once you learn how. The first few weeks of any new eating regimen are tough, but once you get the hang of it you will never go back to crappy eating again!

So, you stretched out, and you are ready to exercise. Yo can start your day exercising, or wait till later in the day. I think if you start earlier in the day you are less likely to get busy and blow it off later. Do things you enjoy! If you have been inactive for awhile, just start walking. There are many ways to get your cardio fitness in, whether indoors or out.

Just find something that you will stick to and do that three to five days a week: interval walk, jump rope, run stairs, jog, etc. Once you see results you will know at what level to continue in order to achieve your fitness goals. Just be consistent! It’s better to achieve 15 minutes for fives days a week than fail at a 60 minutes session. Just get moving!

For strength training, start with body weight exercises: push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, and crunches on an exercise ball. Work the major muscle groups and advance to weights once these are no longer a challenge. Let your body tell you if you over did it. A little soreness is okay, but major pain means back off a little.

If you want to change your health in 2012, then make a plan now and get started. Make small changes at first. Adopt a new habit each week, and stick with it. Poor health did not come all of the sudden and improving it won’t happen over night either. Just get started, and commit to change your health in 2012, and then you will be on the right path to the body you want!

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