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Best Weight Loss Program For 2014

8/17 14:14:34

Best Weight Loss Program For 2014

For many, one of our top resolutions for the new year is to lose weight. But what is the best weight loss program for 2014? In this article we will go over some key points that will help you find the right weight loss program for this new year that will keep you motivated, engaged and excited about reaching what is probably one of the most important goals of 2014.

I have seen and experienced myself what it is like to have a goal: let it be to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, lose belly fat, get a six pack... you name it. But you have to agree with me, it is not the goal that it's impossible to achieve but the method that we choose in order to achieve it. Let's focus about weight loss in this read. We have come to believe that to lose weight we have to stop eating or at least to stop eating our favorite foods; but, that is far from the truth.

Reality is if you want to lose weight you need to eat but the trick lies on the actual "learning" about how, what and when to eat. It is not necessary to get to the point where you are always hungry. Believe me, that does not work and to be honest with you that particular believe has brought tremendous "misunderstandings" between my wife and I because she believes that the act of "not eating" will help her loose weight. She believes: the less she eats, the more weight she loses. Oh, my lovely wife!

Anyhow, so going back to our question: what is the best weight loss program for 2014? I've seen many fad diets come and go in the last couple of years. They are all the same. They all tell you the same thing, they even give you a nutrition plan in hopes to vary your food intake and keep you motivated. But, at the same time, they all lack a wide enough variety that would include your favorite foods in them, hence, you tend to "ah just one piece of pizza, who will it hurt" or "just one more piece of cake..." and when you less expect it you are right back to your old eating habits.

The best weight loss program for you this new year 2014 would be one that actually keeps you motivated, if you know you get bored within two weeks of following the same diet, change it every two weeks! If you know that in order to follow a weight loss plan it needs to include your favorite foods (believe me, you can still lose weight eating chocolate cake) then find one that does but tells you when the right time to eat it would be!

There is no point on doing something that feels awkwardly painful, not even when doing something already difficult like it is losing weight.

Believe me, it is not your fault if you have not yet achieved your goals. These fad diets are perfectly designed for you to fail so they keep selling more and more of them. But this 2014 you win, now you know what the best weight loss program should be about.

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