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Simple Tips To Lose Weight For Good

8/17 14:14:21

Are you fed up trying to find the perfect diet? Do you dread the Spring and Summer months when you can no longer hide your body under layers of clothes? Are you fed up not having the energy to play ball with your kids? Are you ready to make small changes and finally have the life you dreamed of?

These tips are designed to help you lose weight for good:

  • Aim to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your body hydrated. Your skin will blossom but your waistline will also shrink as we often eat when in fact we are thirsty.
  • Eat more salads and soups. Try to have these as main meals at least every second day and your overall calorie consumption will fall. Homemade soup will help you shed excess pounds not only off your waistline but also off your shopping bills. Don't add cream, salt or stock cubes that contain salt and it will be very healthy. Increase the mineral and vitamin content by adding herbs and spices.
  • After 5pm cut all carbs from your diet. Carbs are necessary for a healthy body but they release energy. You are unlikely to use this energy in the evening so your body converts this to fat.
  • Dump the deep fat fryer if you have one and resolve to bake or steam everything from now on. Simple changes like this one will reduce your overall calorie consumption and you haven't heard mention of the word diet.
  • Be sensible and keep cakes, biscuits and chips to a minimum. Nobody is suggesting you can never eat these products again but you can be clever about it. If you fancy some cake bake your own. It will be much healthier than the shop bought version as it won't have any hidden fats added to it. It will also taste much better. Cakes were never supposed to last for months yet if you check the sell by dates on the store products they often say they do. But home made cakes and cookies will still contain sugar and be high in calories so use them as a treat not an every day event.

In addition to changing the way you eat you need to get more exercise. Many of us know that we need to be more active but often we don't know where to start.

Joining a fitness bootcamp based around dance is a great way to get active and have more fun. Life is too short to spend time in the gym if you hate it. You can find great ideas to get more from your fitness bootcamp experience. Remember the idea is to have fun and get a lighter more toned figure.

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