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Finding Your Way To A Healthy Lifestyle

8/17 14:14:15

Finding Your Way to A Healthy Lifestyle

Before we can live a healthy life we need to make some important decisions. First of all we need to be aware of what we are doing wrong, why we gain weight or why we have a hard time getting up the 20 stairs at the office. We need to start thinking our everyday diets in a different way. Why is it that the cheeseburger gives us satisfaction and when done eating it we get a guilty conscience?

I bet most of us know this feeling after eating a fast food meal, heck I am an IT consultant and practically live on the road while driving from customer to customer. Now this is very easy and much tempting to stop at the local fast food store near the highway and just let go of my principals. But I don’t, because I have promised myself that this is a bad habit and that it will bite my tail in 20 years if I continue an unhealthy lifestyle like that.

Instead I make goals and hold myself up to those goals and make sure that there is a reward when reaching it. I used to be an overweight IT consultant living the life buying the food I wanted when I wanted it without thinking about my own health. Until one morning when I woke up thinking this is not the right thing to do. I felt bad and I was not fit at all. I had a hard time keeping up with my kids when playing games and could barely walk up the stairs to my office and often chose the elevator.

So I started thinking and doing research on how to easily manage this. I found myself a great health fitness program and started changing my diets. Now changing diets is not as easy as it sounds. I tried a few different things and want to share my experience.

A non-carbohydrate diet which basically means eat meat and vegetables and avoid carbohydrate products can be hard on your body if you want to keep up with a good workout program. I tried this sort of diet and saw great results, however my life was miserable and I had a hard time doing my everyday job and taking care of my kids when I got home. I lasted 14 days and then went on to a much better solution. Therefore I recommend this as a start;

1. Get rid of your bad habits. Clean your cupboards for unhealthy stuff like cakes, candy and wheat products. STOP buying these products and don’t think that you can handle having them “lying around”. You can’t and at some point it will tempt you.

2. Go with full grain products. There are a lot of great products that are full grain such as pasta, bread and rice.

3. Consider the fat you are eating. Your body needs fat but chose the right fats. Saturated fat is what you are looking for. Fish oil tablets if you don’t like fish. If you do like fish make sure it is wildly caught.

4. Eat five or six times a day. This is important to keep your body working and your digestion up and running. Eat moderate you should never feel satiated. Just “not hungry” anymore.

5. Make a cardio training plan. Start out in the small by taking long walks. Go to the beach and walk down by the water, enjoy the fresh air this is fantastic.

There are a lot of great programs out there, some are free and some cost money for their services. Be sure to find the right one for your needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the authors. I wish you good luck in changing your life and hopefully you will be on your way to change it for good. You are most welcome to ask questions if elaboration is needed on the subject.

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