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Which Is The Best Diet For Your Body And Is There Only One

8/17 14:13:58

With each of us as individuals, diets come and diets go and this generally happens for a common reason. The particular diet we were following didn't work for us personally. In our own mind then it seems fair for us to dismiss that diet and simply say it doesn't work. However,there is one important fact we are missing with that particular way of thinking; each and every one of us has our very own physiological makeup. So, just because one diet doesn't seem to work for me does not mean it won't be just perfect for you.

It's easy to become disheartened when our weight seems to forever fluctuate and we are desperate to shed all that uncomfortable surplus flesh that doesn't want to budge. Now is the time to get excited because there is a way out of this dilemma. It's quite simple really, the closer we get to eating naturally, the sooner we will be seeing ourselves as that fit, toned healthy person we are so desperately seeking. Be assured, that person does reside underneath what presently is on show and with a little time and effort you will get there.

Now you might be wondering exactly what is meant by getting back to eating naturally. Well it really is not so very complicated; think meat, chicken, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables just for starters. Remember the hunter gatherers of old? Anything that could be captured, caught, picked or pulled from the earth was the food that kept those people alive and was at the very core of their existence. Today one of the closest written diets covering this way of eating is known as the Paleo Diet. In the earliest of times the people who walked the land didn't have preservatives, these came in much later so everything that was caught or picked had to be eaten fresh. Much later came the idea of pickling meat to keep it from going bad on long sea journeys.

Following this idea of reasoning we should endeavour to avoid all things preserved such as deli cuts, frankfurters and such like. We should also avoid most bought breads, cakes, pastries, deep fried foods, crumbed fish and most products either canned or bought in jars. The packaging is a real giveaway as to how close to natural a food might be and it's advisable to learn to decipher the ingredients panel on packaged foods. It can be amazing just how much sugar there is added into many foods we would consider as being totally natural. Most of us would consider it just fine to be eating canned tomatoes, beans, corn and many other vegetables and it's almost unbelievable the amount of extra ingredients it's possible to load into these cans. Please be aware of this as it can be a real trap to newcomers who are really trying their best to eat naturally.

So where has all this got us in relation to our diet? What does it tell me about the correct diet for me as an individual. It means that for each and every one of us there is probably more than one way to shed those extra pounds but for consistent health and fitness the very best way has been proved to eat as naturally as possible. This not only readjusts our metabolism which in turn burns fat more efficiently but this way of eating also protects us from many dreaded diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Eating this way and doing a small amount of daily exercise will soon see the change in our bodies we are wanting. Don't be afraid of the word exercise as thirty minutes walking per day will suffice as will a couple of simple exercises using kettlebells. If you can't walk for a full thirty minutes then break it up into chunks of five or ten minute intervals.

When you look at it holistically, the nearer we get to eating naturally the sooner we can safeguard our own health and that of our whole family. Looking at it from that angle it's not such a very difficult decision to adjust our way of eating and to choose a healthier lifestyle, wouldn't you agree?

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