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Do You Know Your Fat Danger Zones And How To Avoid Them?

8/17 14:13:38

Do You Know Your Fat Danger Zones And How to Avoid Them?

Even the most careful person has certain times, locations or activities that may make them susceptible to poor food choices. Experts call those the "fat danger zones" and they are different for everyone. You do not need an expert's opinion to figure it out for yourself. You know what food you cannot safely have in your home or what time of day is going to catch your inner food cop on a break. And most of us know that sitting in front of the television is going to open the snack flood gates. There are dozens of potential fat danger zones that you should be wary of, especially if you are trying to watch your weight.

The most obvious is located in front of the television or in a movie theater. That fat danger zone is potentially more dangerous if you are watching something scary which has been shown to increase not only the amount of food that is being consumed but the speed at which it is eaten. Bottom line: scary movies can make you eat scary fast and way more than you meant to.

Even if you are sticking to the healthier fare, a buffet can be a terrible idea for a dieter because the loss of portion control is only part of the problem. In addition, you often may not know exactly how the foods are prepared, leaving you exposed to potentially harmful ingredients. And, according to a number of studies, there is a total disconnect between body and mind in the buffet setting, especially if your plates are being cleared away as you go up for seconds, thirds or even more. Some people feel that they need to "get their money's worth" and will continue eating, even when they stop feeling hunger.

Imagine that you have done well all week, eating the foods that you have set out for every single day, even resisting the chocolate cake for yet another office birthday. Now it is Friday and the gals are going out for a bite to eat and maybe a margarita or two. You have just walked into very serious fat danger zones, my friend. Not only do we tend to eat more when we are in a group, but we also tend to match our eating speed to those we are dining with. And, alcohol can lower our resistance to temptation making us say yes to the profiteroles when we know that we should be saying "no."

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