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Green Smoothie Is The Answer

8/17 14:13:28

Green Smoothie is the Answer


Rapid and hardworking life causes us to resort to fast food, unhealthy chow and quick homemade meals. But in the same breath, we are getting obsessed with healthy food and perfect balanced eating habits. But how can we put both together? Is there a lifeline, a link, that will help us get through busy life and be able to consume healthy food at least once a day? In this article I will talk about Green Smoothie and how can it helps us to start living healthier times.

Why is a Green Smoothie good for us?

Medical researches say, that consumption of Green Smoothies impacts on improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, normalizes thyroid function and improves digestion. But this is not the only thing what is it good for. It also shows results outside of the body, on our silky skin, eyes and nails. It is not that hard to squeeze a refreshing and dietary Green Smoothie in to our daily menu. It is a simple-made nutritious drink, that boosts our body with necessary vitamins, folic acid and chlorophyll. These are the things our blood system needs the most. And if we get manage to blend one for ourselves every day or at least every other day, we will finally be able to reach a better way to healthy and balanced nutrition.

Small meals will make us fit and strong

We don't need to eat as much food as we think. Our plates are usually fully loaded with carbohydrates and high-fat juicy stakes. There is nothing wrong with stakes, don't be scared, because they are rich in protein, however combination of potatoes (or other carbs) and meat is the most deadly combination for our tummy. Carbs + meat makes us puffy and they are heavy to digest and in the end, it makes us fat and unhealthy. That is why we need to cut down a bulk of food when it comes to meal time and start eating often in smaller portions. This is a time, where Green Smoothie comes in to consideration. Because it contain lots of nutritive substances, you won't feel hungry after it, so in that matter, you can also balance your appetite.

How to make one?

The recipe is as simple as for any other smoothie. The fact that is Green, it tells us, that we need green vegetables and fruit. It is basically made of green veggies, but you can put in it what ever you like, to make it sweater and thus easier to drink:

  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • wheat grass
  • nettle
  • chard
  • parsley
  • green fruit (ex. green apple - remember to peel it).

Let me remind you that, when you try it for the first time, you will taste it a bit bitter. But don't worry, I recommend you to put in a banana, because it neutralises the bitter taste of the green vegetables that you put in it. You can also mix some ice in it, to cool your smoothie. It is also important to have the right smoothie machine or blender. You can also use a bar blender, but it doesn't mix the ingredients as well as an upright smoothie blender.

When is the right time to consume a Green Smoothie?

The timing is relatively not important, when we drink it every day. I could say, that we should have it as many times as possible, but there are some factors that would be against this optimistic wish. However, I recommend to consume it once a day between the main meals of a day (between breakfast, lunch and dinner). We can also replace one of the main meals with a Green Smoothie, but let me remind you to do that slowly in the process (if you are on a diet plan). More than one per day is also bit hard to do, because of two things:

  • Firstly, we don't have enough veggies or fruit at home all the time, to prepare it. Here is where I suggest that you prepare yourself in advanced. I know everyone wants to have fresh vegetables and fruits, but some of them you can store in cool place (eg. bananas, green apples, broccoli, spinach) or grown at home (especially vegetables like parsley).
  • And secondly, we should eat balanced food and not just drinking smoothies. We should include: proteins, natural sugar products, low-carbs, seafood and dairy products


We should be careful when it comes to eating habits. Neglecting vegetables and fruits means neglecting our body. As I have stressed out, Green Smoothie is very healthy and nutritious drink for our immune system and blood circulation. It is an elixir of youth, it helps our skin look younger and above all healthier. It is not true when people think that, what is healthy is also very disgusting. When it comes to smoothies and it's taste, we could adjust it as much as we like. So, it is up to us how and when will we consume it and which ingredients we will put in it. I really recommend it to have it once a day and if you don't have much time to prepare it, make it a day or two in advance or ask someone else to fix it for you. No more lame excuses and start blend it to boost your energy.

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