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Weight Loss Is Mind Over Matter

8/17 14:13:20

weight loss is mind over matter

Who would of thought weight loss could be this easy. I didn't, but I lost 26 lbs in three months by simply letting my mind and weight loss plan do the work.

This article is for any one that has recently or in the past made an attempt at dieting. Most diets on the weight loss market today are very restrictive. They restrict food selection choices , fats ,carbohydrates or calories. All these restrictions wage psychological warfare, and in most cases set you up for weight loss failure.

While researching weight loss programs some time ago, I stumbled on to what I consider to be the weight loss industries best kept secret. In my late forties I was in need of a little makeover. I have always been athletic. I played semi pro soccer for years so my conditioning for years was quite good. When my late thirties arrived I started to notice parts of my body bulging where there should be none.

I tried a few different weight loss programs, but they all ended with the same disappointing result I felt I was always cheating my diet. Life and emotions vary minute to minute. Have you ever noticed when the weather is nice you have more energy and less of an appetite, and when it is cold or dreary your appetite increases.

The weight loss program that I discovered, addresses the issue that we are all effected by emotions and our external conditions. In short, if you are always under the pressure of limiting yourself on a restrictive diet, and you are always telling yourself that you can't have a food group that gives you pleasure, this situation, whether you feel it or not, creates stress.

Research has shown that a negative mind set whether it be from internal or external conditions leads to stress. Stress triggers a need to comfort, which results in more food consumption. Lots of people lose weight and feel great but eventually start to pack on the pounds once more. I was one of these people. The program that I found enabled me to lose the weight and keep it off. I don't have a feeling of guilt when I enjoy a treat or an evening out. This program has mentally conditioned me to savor the moment and then without thought I go right back to making sensible food choices.

I throw in some light exercise, which I find keeps me focused and also gives me a sense of well being. I have never felt better in years. I never feel like I am cheating. my weight loss continues at a steady pace, and I feel great. This weight loss plan teaches you to use what I call a little "mind over matter", such a simple concept, letting go of negative emotions, but what I am learning is mind over matter is a very effective tool for weight loss.

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