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Wedding Weight Loss

8/17 14:13:15

Wedding Weight Loss

4 Secrets to make sure you fit your dream dress.

You have decided to take the plunge, you have set the date, started the to do list and now it's time to visualize yourself in the perfect wedding dress and looking your best on that tropical island or resort style honeymoon.

It's also time to work out how it can all work out to be the perfect fairytale wedding with your health intact and as little stress as possible.

Step 1


It's time to be realistic about the guest list and how many people you can expect to come.

You will probably have to choose a venue that is realistically going to be big enough to fit your expectations, your guest list and your budget.

It's also time to start setting realistic time lines for any weight loss, body toning or other health and fitness goals.

If you have given yourself plenty of time then getting started now and being consistent is probably the best place to start and should be sufficient to achieve most or all of your goals if not the next 3 steps should help.

Step 2


A typical goal might be to lose several centimeters from your hips and waist or dropping a dress size for that perfect fit.

Whatever the goal write it down and put it somewhere you can be constantly reminded of these goals.

Write down on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is it to you to achieve these goals and write down from 1 to 10 how committed you are to achieving these goals.

Set daily, weekly and monthly targets to help you map it out!

Step 3


Although this may seem to go against everything you have heard or believe, dieting can actually be counterproductive when it comes to looking your best on your big day.

Dramatically changing your eating habits, apart from the risk of lowering your immune system and increasing the risk of you being sick on your wedding day and honeymoon, it can also reek havoc with your body by cutting down on vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants that your body needs to rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails. Making your hairdresser, make up artist and nail technician's job easier while still fitting into your perfect dress can still be achieved.

Working out your daily energy needs (kilojoules/calories) and then structuring what activities you need to do to burn more energy than you have consumed to create a healthy deficit to allow the body to then tap into other fuel stores (body fat) and begin the weight loss process naturally without the side effects of dieting!

Find a gym or trainer that deals specifically with weight loss programs for women and they should be able to calculate your calorie/kilojoule needs for you.

Step 4


Now more than ever you will need the help from experts in their field to make sure your day is perfect.

You probably won't be sewing your own wedding dress, growing the flowers and hand making bridal party bouquets, the catering and even booking the perfect honeymoon escape. You will probably seek

help from professionals in those fields.

So why leave your wedding weight loss goals to chance?

Some organizing can be left to the last minute but healthy weight loss needs to be achieved over a sensible period of time the right way.

Speak to a GP, nutritionist and seek guidance from a qualified personal trainer to make sure everything is perfect on your big day!

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