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Weight Loss Tips For Men - No Girls Allowed

8/17 14:13:05

Weight Loss Tips for Men  -  No Girls Allowed

As a man, you have a couple major advantages when it comes to exercise and making progress- both in the gym and on the scale. While it might not be PC in this day and age to point things like this out, everything I state here is based on well established scientific principles and very difficult to refute. Therefore, it is totally worth looking into the advantages men have and how best to exploit them. Here are some weight loss tips for men and men alone.

First and foremost, we have testosterone! Testosterone is what makes men men; it keeps us lean and mean, gives us a large boost in strength, and supports mental health with a huge boost in confidence. All this at a cost of just 5 years off our average lifespan. Unfortunately, mostly as a by-product of our chemically laden diet, average testosterone rates are plummeting! This is especially apparent with the younger generation.

Now I don't want so sound like some crazy conspiracy theorist, but during WW2 the Jews were fed a diet meant to reduce their testosterone levels significantly in order to make them more docile... just saying...

In order to bring our testosterone levels back up to acceptable levels, we need to start eating cleaner and smarter. It is not enough to just eat organic food- "organic" is a very unregulated label that can often mean next to nothing. the best thing you can do for good eats is to actually find a local farmer and buy your food directly from the source! Now, this might be unreasonably for most so the best you can really do is to stick with leaner meats. Most chemical by-products are fat soluble so making choices low in fat will help protect you from too much exposure.

Next, we have narrow hips! It has been proven that more narrow hip bones promote better energy transfer throughout the body during full body movements. This also makes us much less prone to hip injury(although it does still happen). this is best taken advantage of with exercises that focus on the use of the full body in tandem.

Finally, we have larger chests. Larger lungs allow us to do more for longer with a lot more oxygen getting into our bloodstream. A larger heart allows many of the same benefits along with a slight increase in strength from higher overall blood pressure. If we take care of our cardiovascular health, we get the best benefit.

Isn't testosterone great? Whether you want to get ripped or just lose some weight, be grateful you were born a man!

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