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Which Foods Will Help You Lose Weight?

8/17 14:12:33

Which Foods Will Help You Lose Weight?

A lot of times people believe that they have to cut their fat intake to lose weight, but this is not entirely true. I came across an article listing five fatty foods that can help you lose weight. If you know me, I'm always talking about organic coconut oil. The reason I'm mentioning this is because number 3 on the list is coconut. So here's the five fatty foods that help you lose weight:

1. Grass-Fed Beef

2. Olive Oil

3. Coconut

4. Dark Chocolate

5. Almond Butter

I'm not familiar with number 1 which is grass-fed beef. We don't eat much red meat in our household, mostly chicken or turkey. In fact, I can't even remember the last time we ate red meat. Anyway, this is something I could look into and perhaps, give it a try. I just don't recall ever seeing this type of meat at the grocery store. It's probably something you can get in an organic food store. Anyway, let's move on.

Olive oil is definitely a staple in my kitchen cupboard. If I'm going to fry or saute, it will be with olive oil. I've heard over the years that olive oil is good for the heart in that it helps reduce blood pressure. Some other benefits are that it inhibits the growth of some cancers, good for people who are at risk for or who have diabetes, may help lessen the symptoms of arthritis, and lastly, will help you to lose weight.

Number three is the coconut, but I'll get to that one last. Next is dark chocolate and if you're a chocolate lover, this is a good one for you. Dark chocolate is another food that's heart healthy and very good for the brain. The flavonoids help your body to use insulin efficiently, helping you to stay full longer and lessen your food cravings.

Number four on the list is almond butter. Now, I just started eating this stuff and it's a lot like coconut oil, if you don't like coconuts, forget about liking coconut oil. With almond butter, if you don't like the taste of almonds, forget about trying almond butter. Like the others, it's heart healthy containing the good omega 3 fatty acids that the body needs. Also, almonds provide a good source of protein giving you lots of energy.

Now, the best for last: coconut oil for weight loss. Although it's high in saturated fat, the unique ingredient is lauric acid which is also heart healthy and helps to improve your cholesterol. Lauric acid is also a natural germ fighter with lots of anti-properties (anti-viral, -bacterial, -fungal, - microbial, -parasitic. Just add coconut oil to your daily diet and you're on your way to losing weight.

Although these foods will help you lose weight, it's important to control your portion intake. All these are good, healthy fats that our body's need. However, the most important factor when trying to lose weight is recognizing the balance between eating the right food portions and cutting calories while gaining nutrition. These foods are all very healthy and when eaten in the right portions, will help you to lose weight.

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