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How To Lose Weight Using Raw Foods

8/17 14:12:17

How To Lose Weight Using Raw Foods

There are many raw food benefits the main one being weight loss. This can be done easily without the need to exercise (although it does speed things up a bit). By raw food I mean food that hasn't been processed by man and that is as natural as you can possibly get. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are a fantastic way to improve mood, energy levels and focus within one's self. I personally have undergone a change I didn't think possible coming from the typical teenager's diet of chocolate, crisps and energy drinks.

Now transitioning for me to using raw foods was almost instant and I know that some people would prefer to transition more slowly which is fine! One day I thought that I was doing my body so much harm but eating all these processed foods that if indeed something were to happen to me that I would wish that I took better care of myself. As soon as I got my juicer i threw away everything that wasn't good for me and started fresh. And I never looked back.

Before I started eating raw foods I was depressed often, tired all the time and it took an energy drink to even start to get me moving at work. I was 160lbs when i started and in the first month alone i lost 20lbs, but that wasn't the best part. After each passing day I could feel myself under go a change; I would wake up progressively earlier, I never needed any energy drinks to get me going as i felt like I had endless amounts of energy and I had acquired such a mental focus to do better and progress in my working life.

When I first started out using raw foods the easiest way of getting all those nutrient rich foods was to juice them as without juicing I doubt very much I could eat the quantity of fruit and vegetable. It's fun, easy and so tasty.

My usual routine would consist of a morning "green juice" when i woke up which would be make of; 5 large spring green leaves, half a cucumber, a slice of lemon, a little cube of root ginger, and 1/3 of a broccoli sometimes even a half and 3 to 4 apples. Then my afternoon juice would be simply a fruit juice my favorite is apple and grape. Then for dinner I would make up a salad. It is also a good idea to drink as much water as possible and for those little hunger pains eat some solid fruit like bananas or apples.

Losing weight with raw food is quite straight forward and when its fun and you are enjoying the food it isn't just a diet, it becomes a lifestyle. Just by using that simple plan with help you shred pounds of unwanted fat and bring you on your way to regenerating your life.Try experimenting with different fruit and vegetables and see what works best for you. Feel better in weeks and make the first step into reaching your full potential.

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