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Weight Training For Weight Loss

8/17 14:12:14

Weight Training for Weight Loss

Weight loss is often related to just cardiovascular activities by most people, including some personal trainers. A lot of people believe that cardio exercises burn fat and weight training is only for building muscle mass. This is not true, by including weight training into your workout, the more mass you will get and the more fat calories you will burn.

The new trend we are seeing today is a combination between weight training and cardio is a more effective way for burning fat. Cardio exercises are good for raising metabolism while doing the workout, but this will not last long, when finished with your session. You will get better results or have muscle metabolism longer after the workout with weight training. Some trainers have seen their own metabolism higher for days after their workout.

Whether you want to lose fat or build mass, you need, or it helps if your knowledgeable of what takes place during the training process. Weight training muscles tear away from stress, and your muscles get stronger during your recuperation period, so your body can support the stress that's caused from the weight training workouts. This time frame is about 1 day or 2 after your workout.

This is when your metabolism is burning energy, so this is when you want to do cardio. By doing high reps of movement, this will make your body tire on a completely different level. Combining low-reps of exercises with high-reps of cardio exercise, your muscles stress to increase more fat calories burned. Some personal trainers would call this confusing the muscles or muscle confusion.

Most people don't understand that by lifting weights raises your heart rate, which will help burn fat calories. Athletes who do workouts that consist of short and very intense bursts of energy, usually have very low body fat, from these workouts. So if you combine weight training with a good cardio workout, it will increase your muscle metabolism and fat burning, there is a good chance you will have better results.

While working out for weight loss, a lot of muscle is usually lost, people struggle with this often. Muscle mass will give you a high metabolism, so you do not want to lose weight too quickly by magical diets or starving yourself. This weight that you lost will more likely be gained back. Instead, try to lose weight gradually by lifting weights and cardio activities, this will allow muscle to build up more and due to this your metabolism will be increased. This way of doing your workouts will take a little longer to lose the weight that you are trying to lose, but this way will last longer and you will be much happier with yourself. Overall this is a much healthier way of losing weight. I hope this helps with what you are trying to get accomplished.

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