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Understanding The HCG Diet!

8/17 14:11:03

My goal today is to let anyone unfamiliar with the HCG Diet know exactly what it is and how it can be used to transform their lives so they may be both healthy and confident. I'm will answer the questions: What is HCG? What can I can expect if I start the HCG diet. I will also give you my personal experience on the diet. Lastly, if you decide HCG is right for you, I will show you where you can order HCG quickly an easily.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadatropin is a naturally produced protein hormone. Mainly produced during a women's pregnancy it is also produced in the pituitary glands of men and women. The use of HCG as a weight loss aide was first discovered by an endocrinologist named Albert T. W. Simeons. While studying pregnant women in India, Dr. Simeons observed that pregnant women who were on a calorie-deficient diet were still able to carry a healthy baby to full term without losing muscle and instead shedding excess deposits of body fat. Later, when Dr. Simeons administered HCG to young "fat boys" who suffered from a puberty problem, the same thing occurred. The boys were able to lose their excess fat while retaining their lean healthy muscle mass. This as you might know is contrary to what normally happens on a diet.

Dr. Simeons reasoned that when the body lacked sufficient calorie consumption, HCG had the ability to signal your body to release its stored up abnormal fat. Abnormal fat is the deposits of fat that the body has forgotten about and no longer draws energy from. This became the basis for the diet, to administer HCG while consuming a very low calorie diet, forcing your body to burn off its excess fat and maintain healthy muscle mass.

Here are a few things you can expect on the HCG Diet. Almost all weight lost will be fat. Unlike the symptoms associated with normal dieting, on the HCG Diet you won't be hungry, you won't feel lazy or sluggish, you won't have headaches and best of all, when you are done you won't gain all the weight back.

I have actually tried HCG and honestly, I couldn't be happier. Sticking to the low calorie diet wasn't difficult at all. In fact, there were many times I didn't feel like eating at all. I decided to take my HCG by way of injection instead of drops or tablets. I can't say I'm afraid of needles, but even if you are there is no pain at all. Overall, I'm really glad I gave it a try. I'll definitely be starting Round 2 in a couple of weeks.

HCG in its purest form can't be bought legally in the United States without a prescription. However, there are a few online pharmacies that will issue you a prescription and allow you to purchase HCG. If you are interested in homeopathic HCG which can be bought without a prescription, you just need to do a google search to find the many companies selling it.

There you have it. HCG the miracle drug! It's safe, effective, cheap and easy. You can't ask for more. I hope I have answered any question you have had about the HCG Diet. However, if you still aren't certain HCG is for you and need more information, there is wealth of online resources out there including many testimonials with crazy before and afters.

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