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Kettle Ball Workout-What’s The Deal?

8/17 14:10:23

If you spend any time looking at fitness magazines, web sites or watching fitness programs on television, you have probably heard of the kettle ball workout at least a time or two. You may have several questions about these tools and the workouts themselves, wondering if they are effective, safe and most of all, if they are enjoyable at all. These are some of the most common questions and concerns about the kettle ball workout that you might have.

How Does a Kettle Ball Workout Even Work?

If you look at the kettle ball, you will notice that it is not shaped like your typical hand weight or dumbbell. When you pick it up, you will notice that you feel the weight a little differently. The handle makes the weight feel a little heavier and you might feel a little off-balance, at first.

That off-balance feeling is actually a good thing as you struggle to keep yourself upright and maintain good form, working your core muscles as well as the arms of your arms and shoulders. You have to concentrate the entire movement, not just the lift because the weight can quickly become less controlled if you are not careful. That being said, you should be aware that even as an experienced athlete, your kettle ball workout should start with a lower weight and slower movements than what you might be used to.

What are the Safety Concerns With the Kettle Ball Workout?

If you are new to exercising or are returning after an injury or a long absence, it is important that you consult a doctor before you start a kettle ball workout. When you start, watch a video or consult with an expert so that you can see the proper form for the movements in the kettle ball workout.

What to Look for in a Kettle Ball Workout and a Kettle Ball

There are a number of different kettle balls to choose from with different weights and finishes. Look for one that feels right in your hand- the soft, vinyl finished ones are exceptionally good. The goal that you should have is simple: you should be able to lift the kettle ball with proper form at least ten times but no more than fifteen. If you are still lifting with ease at number fifteen, then you need to go up to the next weight. If you are huffing and praying for a merciful and quick death at number nine or sooner, the kettle ball is too heavy and you should go down to a smaller weight.

What Should I Wear For a Kettle Ball Workout?

Loose fitting workout wear is a good idea for your kettle ball workout and for safety, shoes should be worn. If you have problems with standing while you are doing the exercise routine, you can add additional challenge by doing the movements on a stability ball or while sitting in a chair.

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