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How To Lose Weight Naturally - The Scientific Facts

8/17 14:10:21

All the diets out there are so unnatural aren't they? Starving yourself, meal replacements or silly regimes are all so unappealing. I tried may of them for years. In fact I tried for eighteen years. Eventually I took the bull by the horns and decided to look into it myself. I investigated how to lose weight naturally and I found out that science tells us loosing weight naturally is easy and is the best way.

Finding how to lose weight naturally, took me to a study conducted by the university of California in 2007. This was an analysis of thirty one other studies done over the last twenty years. There were over 20,000 people involved in the studies. The studies concluded that dieting was totally unnatural and infective. They said that dieting actually makes you fat in the long run and that eating in a way which promotes good health was how to lose weight naturally.

Twenty years of scientific study involving 20,00 people was saying that diets are unnatural and don't work. They said that eating for good health was how to lose weight naturally and keep it off for the long term.

When I found out I was a little shocked and happy at the same time. I was shocked that the whole dieting concept was a lie. And I was happy that I could just eat myself to a healthier slimmer body. So that's what I did. I stopped dieting and I started to eat in a way that was good for my health. I took out the low nutrition food from my diet and added high nutrition food.

I swapped potatoes, rice, bread and pasta for more vegetables and if I ever felt hungry between meals I ate a piece of fruit. I was not on a diet I was eating healthy natural food. I didn't feel restricted, it was easy. The other part of how to lose weight naturally was exercise. The studies concluded that the participants who had the most success in long term weight loss all did some exercise. All I did was go for a walk every day. That is all.

Forcing yourself to go for a run or go to the gym is very unnatural. That's why so many people give up. Going for a stroll at your own pace for an hour each day is totally natural. If you then feel like going a bit faster you can. But my rule was never to do anything uncomfortable. Just go as feel's natural and you can't go wrong.

There you go. Simply put eating natural healthy food is the how to lose weight naturally. Do a little exercise on top and you will see results quicker than you can imagine.

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