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The Best Exercise To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

8/17 14:09:51

Have you tried exercising to lose weight before? Did you have a little success or were you unable able to keep it up for any length of time? If so don't worry because you are no different to 99% of all people. Almost everybody starts an exercise program to lose weight and just can't keep it up. Luckily, there is an incredibly easy exercise that everyone can do. I gave up running and gyms and I still lost a great deal of weight using this neglected exercise.

The best exercise to lose weight that I have ever found is good old fashioned walking. Yes walking. Studies have shown that there is little difference in energy expenditure between walking and running over the same distance. Please don't underestimate the power of the gait. Every step you take burns a few more calories and they can add up very quickly.

We have been brainwashed by gym advertisement and sports clothing adverts into thinking that running and gyms are the best exercise to lose weight. This is totally untrue. If there is less than a 5% success rate for people going to gyms and running in losing weight then how can we say they are any good?

Some people might say people are just weak and they can't stick to their goals. But if less than 5% are making it maybe we should just redesign the model and make it easier? That's what I did and it worked for me.

I tried gyms and running for years. Not only were they hard work but I found that if you miss them just one time then suddenly before you know it you haven't been for ages and its all been for nothing. Then the thought of starting all over again is just a nightmare.

With walking you never get that feeling of dread, however you still get all the same health benefits. Many studies have shown that walking increases blood flow and reduces the risks of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and prolongs life. And that's just naming a few of the benefits. I truly believe it is the best exercise to lose weight for all those reasons.

I walk for an hour every day now and sometimes more. I started with just fifteen minutes. I was pretty unfit when I started out. But now its a breeze. Sometimes I pick a steep hill to challenge myself a bit and other times if I don't feel up to a challenge I literally just go for a stroll.

"But I don't have an hour spare" I hear you say. Do you have four fifteen minute slots? Could you get off the bus or train a bit earlier on the way home? Could you take the stairs instead of the lift? There are so many ways you could fit in an hour of walking to your day.

The biggest reason that I find walking the best exercise to lose weight and keep it off is because it's so sustainable. If you go on holiday for a couple of weeks you can still do it without disrupting your holiday. You can do it anywhere you go. it's utterly versatile.

Start walking today and you will se why it is the best exercise to lose weight and keep it off in no time at all.

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