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How To Stop Eating - The Truth You Wont Like

8/17 14:09:49

Maybe you are one of the millions of people who start a diet on Monday and give up within a couple of days?. Maybe you are desperately wondering how to stop eating?

The real truth is that trying to stop eating for weight loss does not work. We have been brainwashed by advertising that tells us that losing weight has to involve eating tiny amounts of food. This is simply not true.

I was exactly where you are now about a year ago. I didn't know how to stop eating. I kept trying time and time again but I just couldn't do it. I tried, pills, potions, meal replacements and many other regimes. Sometimes I did it for a bit but I would always end up going back to old habits. I was very depressed, annoyed, frustrated, angry, a whole host of emotions. But I wasn't going to give up.

I decided to not look at any diet programs any more. I decided to investigate for myself. Diets or just cutting back had not worked for me so I went about trying to finding another way. I researched a tonne of books and many, many websites. I found out some very interesting information about food. Especially about processed and factory food. I found out about what foods create addictions and what foods make you fat.

I found out how to stop eating bad foods and start eating good foods. I found out how to break my addictions to the bad stuff and start to actually want the good stuff. I found out that the media and the dieting industry has it all wrong. Yes stopping eating doesn't actually work. Trying to stop eating or starve yourself actually has the opposite effect in the majority of cases!

The real question should not be, how to stop eating but how to start eating. Yes how can you start eating your way to a healthier life? That is the real question. This is the root of what I found out. I found out that If I focused on my health the rest would take care of itself. I started to focus on eating in a healthy manner. I gave my body high nutrition food to help it function in its best way and the weight just fell off.

Now I am not saying this was easy. This took a large mental shift on my part. I had to stop thinking about denying myself food and start thinking about giving myself food. I had to start thinking about giving myself the right kind of food. It was difficult at first but after a while it became easier. Now I don't even have to think about it. I naturally gravitate to the correct foods.

You could do this too. With some thought and persistence it is not that difficult. You know what is good for you and you know what is bad for you. it just takes some small adjustments and before you know it you are feeling a whole lot healthier and whole lot better.

Finally I would say stop asking yourself how to stop eating and start asking yourself how to start eating. I really hope you can see the value of this mental shift and start making some progress.

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