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Shakeology Review--the Results Speak For Themselves

8/17 14:09:34

So everybody wants to know when searching for a Shakeology review is, "does shakeology really work?"  Does this daily meal replacement shakeactually help you lose weight and feel better?  Well, the typical Shakeology reviews report that not only does it accomplish weight loss and overall mood improvment, it's also reported that this shake is helping people to improve their digestion and regularity.  An added bonus is that many folks report lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol numbers after 90 days or son  Not to mention it even tastes good! Wow, what a concept!!

What is Shakeology

Shakeology is a patent-pending nutritional drink that is crafted to help your body rid itself of icky stuff more efficiently while also helping you better absorb the essential nutrients you need to live healthier and just feel better.  Its ingredients consist of powerful raw super foods such as Sacha Inchi, Maca, and Cacao--   pure, natural plants that come from places like the high mountains of Peru where fortunately these plants have never been touched by a pesticide or insecticide.

Recent Shakeology review

One recent Shakeology review described this product as a "platinum level" nutritional shake that serves as a "healthy meal in a glass". This Shakeology review went on to say that the drink tastes good and, unlike many other nutritional products, does not taste bitter. In fact, the chocolate flavored Shakeology actually tastes like a chocolate milk shake! This Shakeology review also pointed out that it makes for a great meal replacement if you're tying to lose weight or if you need a fast meal “on the run.” It will fill you up and keep you from feeling as if you were starving until it's time for your next meal. It has also been reported that in one 90-day study, researchers discovered that using it as a meal replacement resulted in an average weight loss of 10 pounds over that time period.

The whole food ingredients

Shakeology uses several whole-food sources of nutrients instead of using some chemically engineered synthetic extracts or isolates. The benefits of this natural process are that ingredients derived from whole foods have nutrients that are preserved in as close to their natural state as is possible. This allows your body to better absorb and more efficiently utilize the valuable nutrients.

Not available at your neighborhood supermarket

Shakeology has proteins and energy-generating carbohydrates in a combination you just won't find at your neighborhood supermarket. Its ingredients are said to help you maintain a healthy body weight, protect your health long-term, charge up your immune system and give you extra energy. It is gluten free,  contains no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and is the equivalent of nine servings of fruit and vegetables – all in one tasty shake.

A second Shakeology review

Another Shakeology review repoted that “no single food can suppy you with all the nutrients in the amounts you need. Except for Shakeolgy.” It went on to say that, “Nothing other than Shakeloogy can provide you with the most nutrient rich superfood and essential vitamins on the market. It combines over 50 separate ingredients and they all come from sources of whole foods – most other meal replacement shakes available on the market today are over-processed, thus, removing all the beneficial elements of the natural food sources.”

What does Shakeology cost?

A 30-day supply of Shakeology averages out to be about $4 a shake. It comes as a powder that you mix with your favorite beverage – milk, water, almond milk, etc. You can also add ice to the mixture for the ultimate milkshake.

The faces behind Shakeology

The company behind Shakeology is Beachbody. The product was developed by company founder Carl Daikeler; his wife, Isabelle Daikeler; and Darren Olien who almost literally goes to the ends of the earth to find the fresh, natural fruits, vegetables and herbs that go into Shakeology.

Can Shakeology help you be more regular, lose weight, feel better and have more energy? The Shakeology reviews you will find online certainly answer “yes” to this question.  

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