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Why I Sacked My Weight Loss Coach

8/17 14:09:29

I'm just an ordinary person like you. I was carrying a few extra pounds just like ordinary people do. Being a chubby guy was starting to get me down. So I paid someone to be my weight loss coach. It didn't quite go the way I expected!

This guy was six foot six and build like a tonne of bricks. I think he literally lived in the gym. And there he was trying to tell little old me how to sort myself out. Did he think I was some kind of superhero or something? So you want me to what? And do what? You must be kidding me.

Ok I needed to change bit but did he expect me to run five miles every day and cut out all sorts of things just like that? I was a desk working by day, couch potato by night guy. How could I suddenly give up my bad habits and go for runs and go to the gym. It was a total living nightmare.

So I sacked that bully boy. It was the best thing I have ever done. I decided to do just do it my way. I though I would do the opposite of what this big super hero trainer guy thought I should do.

Instead of running I went walking. Instead of cutting everything out I changed my breakfast only. I just changed my breakfast to a smoothie and went for a fifteen minute walk. That wasn't so bad was it?

The next week I changed my lunch and I did a half hour walk.The week following that I changed my dinner and walked another fifteen minutes extra. By week four I was walking for an hour every day, downing a smoothie for breakfast, chomping a big salad for lunch and tucking into lean meat and vegetables for dinner. I also had a piece of fruit after lunch and after dinner. I tell you what it was so easy I couldn't believe it.

The result was that I shed the extra few pounds and I felt great. I did not have to go through the torture regime that my weight loss coach thought I should go through. I got way better results without all the no pain no gain antics that he would have suggested.

Bottom line my weight loss coach was on another planet. Just like so many of the weight loss gurus out there they just don't get ordinary people.

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